Yousufi writes "khaka," or sketches. Mirages of the Mind is different from many "tanz o mazah" books because it focuses upon a single subject. I call this work nostalgia satire; no one else has yet followed my lead. Here, we see a young Basharat in pre-Partition India as he tries to get a job at a village school. It is said that humor and poetry are the last two things a person learns when acquiring a foreign language—both because of the way they play with words but also because humor and poetry are culturally specific, reliant upon a knowledge of cultural history, contemporary society, and local, regional and national aesthetics. That means that translating humor too ought to be difficult.

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He combines all the styles, pre-modern, modern and post-modern. Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui is pre-modern; Pitras is modern and Yusufi is post-modern. Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui generally writes on cultural trends and style of living such as Tanga and Charpai. The language used by him is narrative and he paints the picture of our society in a very realistic way and without exaggeration. But his keen observation presents minute details with photographic details.

He always tries to avoid the language of the masses or the language of the man in the street. He writes in an elevated language full of literary references but he does not peep into the depths and social behaviours of man. But his humorous writings contain literary values. Modern humour writing begins with Pitrus Bokhari. He writes light essays and uses elevated modernized language. He is a modern humour writer influenced by western literature and not deeply rooted in our culture.

His light essays such as Bicycle, Lahore ka Geographia and other essays present his individualized style different from other humorists.

However, he is a significant writer who will be regarded as a modernist in the history of Urdu Literature. Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi is a humorist with unified sensibility. He combines pre-modern, modern and post-modern sensibility in such a way that no other writer can paint the picture of man and society as he has painted it. His objects of humour are man, society and nature. From Charagh Talay to Aab-e-Gum, we have the best humour available in recent times. Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi or Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi D.

Yousufi has also served as the head of several national and international governmental and financial institutions. Yousufi was born in a learned family of Tonk, Rajasthan on August 4, Yousufi completed his early education in Rajputana and earned B.

Philosophy and LL. B from Aligarh University. After partition of India his family migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. Has two sons and two daughters; Arshad, Sarosh, Rukhsana and Seema. In he became President of United Bank Ltd. In became Chairman of the Pakistan Banking Council. Awarded Quaid-i-Azam Memorial Medal for distinguished services in banking. So far 11 editions of this book have appeared. So far 14 editions of this book have been printed. It has eight articles, in addition to a foreword written by the author.

Dedicated to his children, Arshad, Sarosh, Rukhsana and Seema, it runs into pages and has five articles, in addition to the foreword. Awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz and Hilal-i-Imtiaz.


Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi

After migrating from India in , Yusufi survived through four dictators, 71 years of Pakistan, and nearly a hundred of life. He feeds writers and intellectuals from the Royal Kitchen in order to instruct them in the art of writing and commissions a cohort of under-conscience-sellers to certify that freedom of expression reigns supreme in his regime — everybody is free to use any form, meter or rhyme they like to write a panegyric to the leader. Yusufi was not only the greatest humorists of modern Urdu but also its greatest satirist and its most erudite prose stylist who purveyed the arcane and the abstruse in a delightful turn of phrase but always in a classical diction. Even his colloquial was recondite. Of the dozens of WhatsApp and Facebook one-liners that are now circulating as examples of his unparalleled wit, let me reproduce a few while cautioning you that they mislead in their simplicity. Auden and Mark Twain as well as anecdotes and stories from ancient China, Greece and classical Persian and Arabic literature. Yusufi was born in Tonk, Rajasthan, which he celebrated and caricatured in equal measure Rajasthan is famous for its Bhand-Rand-Sand-Khand, or jesters-women-bulls and sugar.


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Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi



Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi


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