Course wise, the first half of this was very similar to Linguistics. Parsing sentences, figuring out verb types and sentence structures, etc. Feb 09, Kim rated it it was amazing New version of a classic and a must-have on the shelf of any literacy teacher! I never had class with Martha at PSU, but her reputation was legendary, and this books demonstrates the depth of her knowledge and skill at applying grammatical concepts as writers choices.

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Start your review of Rhetorical Grammar. It shames me to confess that I am one of those people who, as a young student, escaped from school without having really learned grammar; and that when I compose I proceed as if I were blind: dependent on my clumsier faculties, stumbling from word to word, sentence to sentence, with no real guide to make my way.

A book that offers grammatical instruction, therefore, is one whose lessons I am in desperate need. In a clever moment of thought the reader might speculate that the most insightful review of Kolln might be not what it is that I say, but rather how it is that I say it.

A mizspelling hear or an grammatical error there--these will tell the story better than I. Let me then submit some comments that are more direct. Whereas other presentations of grammar ascend towards impossibly complex rules that are too numerous to remember or descend into the elementary with comments that are fitted only for the abecedarian, Kolln does neither.

Her discussion is straightforward and concise; chapter topics cover important material; emphasis within chapters is well distributed; she gives examples often, but they do not distract; she reinforces her lessons with problem sets and discussion questions for readers who learns by doing, but all the while does not degenerate into a textbook-like narrative of dull rehearsals.

More than all of these things, for me what was most rewarding was those few occasions when I discovered a topic that I had not appreciated beforehand but realized in hind site was a large source of irritation in my composition. Though I would prefer the author demand more rather than less of me, the unfortunate consequence of her style is a slow but discernible disconnect between some of her points and my understanding.

A second charge against her is that she is always quick to tell you how a sentence should be arrayed, but is sometimes derelict about how a broken sentence can be fixed, which is a necessary element of the lesson.

And finally I would add, though it is not an indictable offense, that her comments are mostly of the mundane variety, though many have subtle implications; and the result is that a reader looking for very obscure but interesting lessons in writing, like Orwell gives in his essay on Politics and the English Language, will not find them here.


Rhetorical Grammar: Grammatical Choices, Rhetorical Effects



Rhetorical Grammar: Grammatical Choices, Rhetorical Effects, 7th Edition





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