Kigarr Similar authors to follow Closing her eyes and drawing slow, even breaths, she used the last reservoirs of her will to keep from bursting into tears. No recriminations about messing her fine pink gown. He heard her sharp cry, felt resistance, and thrust again. And then she smiled. Every nerve felt alive and, as he kissed along her jaw and pressed his weight between her legs, she felt the reciprocal press of the earth beneath her, spongy yet firm. As they looked at each other across the small bit of water and grassy shore, Oisa saw something else in his gaze.

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I have some very diligent GR buddies updating of the status of Primrose and another "new release" from the author. LOLApril LOLDear Ms. Valdez, please finish Primrose and get me out of this misery instead of shooting promises after promises of a non-existent release date.

I want Primrose, dammmit! Alas, I do not While I do not yet have a release date, I will be posting a release announcement in January. I was heartbroken nonetheless. March "I recently removed a character and many words from the book. Valdez is one of my most fav erotica authors. January 1, Elizabeth October No sign of the blasted thing. Also, does the hero of this match the previous two down South? She has a website where she could have informed her readership about having to suspend writing activities for personal reasons, and we would have wished her well, a swift resolution to everything and left her alone.

But this has not happened. What we get instead, in dribs and drabs, is random deadlines pulled out of a hat. Meanwhile, the writer found the time to pen a novella the ontotheology of kerching! There are others who have stopped writing in this genre or have given up all together. Lisa Valdez does not fall in any of these categories.

She does not even take the trouble to update her website regularly. She remembers her readers only when she has something to sell. Still, all we do is make fun of her attitude rather than altogether turn our backs on her.

I think, Ms Valdez should pay her marketing consultant, or whoever advises her on this strategy, a big fat bonus. I can also understand that most readers wait maybe a year for the next book, and that waiting 2,3,4, or 5 years is excessive.

However, for those of you that are making "catty" remarks about how long this author is taking to write her book to share with us I would like to give you something to think about What if Ms. Valdez has had a major family emergency that kept her from writing? What if sh As a reader i can understand the frustration of having to wait for "the next" book in a series. What if she had a tragic death in her family?

What if she was pregnant and was having complications. What if her mother or father has been terribly ill? I could keep going but I hope you get my meaning. Are "we" readers so selfish that we think not getting our story when WE want it that it is O. Edit: Release date expecting in fall. We waiting this book for two year. Now we must wait a year too. Some people have been waiting over 5 years for this book That the author have mercy on us.

It has been too long. We appreciate the quality of her novels. But this January 1, Christina mini rant begins I am a huge fan of Mrs. I appreciate it all the more when authors touch base with their fans regularly because even if they are behind in releasing mini rant begins I am a huge fan of Mrs.

In her last update on her website, which by the way was literally a year ago, she said that she would have a release date for us soon Unfortunately when I tried to contact her about Primrose a notification came up and said that the email address was too full to recieve anymore emails.

So here we are waiting for info on a book that I honestly feel like will never be published. Suddenly have an urge need to strangle the hero2. But, still I want to read this, haha..!! Passion was good but Patience blew my freaking mind. January 1, Vanessa 8 years since book 2 and still no news about book 3. This has to be an all-time record in Romanceland! I kinda hope Lisa Valdez is still alive and well though, what with her not giving any sign of life since February Unless things take a turn for the worst I expect to be adding an additional star.

I love Prim she seems to be as naughty and wild as Passion. January 1, Barbara No sign The excerpt on Lisa Valdez website is very promising Primrose Eleanora Dare froze in her footsteps, her hat slipping from her fingers with barely a sound. He stood in three-quarter profile. A pool of mirror-like water lapped at his hips. His face, ruggedly handsome, was tipped up to one of the slim fingers of sunlight that reached through the trees. His eyes were c No sign His eyes were closed.

More splashes of light dappled his wet skin, highlighting the sculpted curve of his shoulder and the smooth plane of his belly. Prim drew a halting breath. It was her dream brought to life-her own private fantasy, conjured and imagined every single time she made the walk from her home to the little lake behind. Alas, I do not. I hope you will check back next month, when I will post another update.

Having sex with random strangers you find naked is never a good idea. January 1, Velvetp. I am so sick and tired of waiting! Valdez please relieve me of this pain! January 1, Lena Wow Hope all is well with Ms. Valdez : January 1, Linda Estamos desesperadas y aun no hay fecha; que lenta agonia estamos sufriendo las que ya tuvimos el provilegio de leer las 2 primeras partes, esperemos que pronto tengamos ya una fecha de piblicasion para Primrose.

We deserve better than more than 5 years wait and empty promises January 1, Sinead6uk Not sure why I keep checking this to see if there is any news? Must just give it up!!


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His shaking hand lifted her face. He stared at wet cheeks and eyes awash with tears. Despair stopped his heart and stilled his body. What have I done? Her hand came to rest against his neck.


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