Nibley , Presiding Bishop of the church. Rebecca was the daughter of Alexander Neibaur , one of the first Jewish people to convert to Mormonism. The family returned to Portland after the sugar beet factory failed in In order to see through his telescope unimpeded, he cut off his eyelashes.

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Nibley again amazed me with his encyclopedic knowledge that would take me 3 lifetimes to match. Indeed, Nibley here gives us his characteristic massive breadth of comparative studies on a new level, and in parts of this book his brilliance really shines.

The reason I give it only 3. Nibley passed away 5 years before this book was published, and Michael Rhodes was left with thousands of pages of manuscripts and research to organize into a cohesive book in a way that would stay true to its original author. I applaud him for his efforts, but as a result the book does feel a little disjointed at times.

For much of the book I felt like I was getting loads of information dumped on me rather than being presented with well organized, interesting arguments and theories. However, I certainly recommend it to Nibley fans. The book has been a long time coming, and for me, it was worth the wait. Rhodes provides and informative and touching introduction on the history of the manuscripts, and his decision to complete the volume. His own preparation is remarkable. We get chapters the history of the facsimilies, the critics, and then chapters providing a figure by figure interpretation of the Hypocephalus.

We get surprising connections between the Book of Breathings and the Hypocephalus that oought not seem so surprising because, after all, they come from the same collection. Then a closing chapter on sacred geometry embodied in the Hypocephalus, and some useful appendices, with other useful images of hypocelali.

I loved it, but as a Nibleyophile, that was a forgone conclusion A little dense in places, but chock-full of evidences and interesting historical facts and references. Jan 29, Brent Winslow rated it it was amazing When I turned 8 - I received my first triple combination.

During my younger years, whenever I had down time at church or during family scripture study, I would turn to the maps or the illustrations in Abraham. On first read, some portions were esoteric, but overall the treatment is approachable, thorough and pleasant to read. Aug 30, Bubba rated it it was amazing I would give this book six stars if I could. If you have ever looked at Facsimile 2 and wondered what you were looking at, read this. Additional insight is provided to the entire Pearl of Great Price.

Oct 22, Jonathan rated it liked it Fascinating academic overview of Dr. It was difficult for me to follow where he was going with some of his lines of reasoning. Then again, that is the problem with historical artifacts -- Fascinating academic overview of Dr. Either you have to say he aped this off some other academic which in itself is unbelievable given the amount of information available in the early s or some other source. In any case, the book has very fascinating parts and some tedious sections.

I guess for the nebulous nature of his defense of Fac 2, i gave this 3 stars instead of 5 but feel like I understand the hypocephalus and facsimile a lot better than I did before.


One Eternal Round

March 21, by Kevin Barney Hugh Nibley was an undeniable and major influence on my life. I first discovered his writings as a young missionary, and soon became something of a fanboy, which continued when I returned to BYU to finish my undergraduate degree. My study of ancient languages is just one of the many scholarly things I inherited from him. For more background on my own encounters with Nibley, please read my Sunstone In Memoriam piece. I caught up with Nibley just as his academic career was winding down.


Hugh Nibley One Eternal Round Lectures



Hugh Nibley


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