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We are going to use the sas2flsh program to perform the update. Enter the command sas2flsh -o -e 6 This command will put the card into advanced mode -o and then erase the flash memory -e 6. Erase Flash Operation Successful! Resetting Adapter Reset Successful!

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Plugged in the LSI controller, all I get was that blinking cursor. One other thing; when it was working I entered the LSI configuration interface and did a new configuration but never saved it, I hit Cancel on that.

I doubt that the problem can came from there. Any ideas? I can provide screenshots if it helps. Was the raid working? Did you create a new raid and then not save the configuration? Start over with a clean box, remove the drives, and the raid adapter, can you get post?

What is the Machine type and model from the sticker, it will be in XXXX-xxx format above the serial number. I tested today the LSI controller on a real HP server and is doing the same, having a blinking cursor on the left upper corner. Hope this files up the gap, if not let me know.

Here are a couple of postings on a different forum, hopefully one of them will work for you. RE: LSI 8i blinking cursor in the left upper corner OP 8 May 14 I taught about the firmware upgrade but the server is stopping at the controller screen, so no can do. Is not about the ICH10 cipset right now because I also test it in an enterprise server.

Like in the attached screenshot ignore the BIOS version and other stuff, I will take a real picture tomorrow if needed. I taught it will have a "time out" and pass this, give an error message, but instead stays here until I power of the computer.

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IBM ServeRAID M1015 - Difference between LSI 9240-8i and LSI 9220-8i version


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