There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Music is passion and power — Songs are all that and more. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I was the author and editor of a lot of supplements for the In Nomine roleplaying game, by Steve Jackson Games.

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Biblioteca Universitaria de Santiago de Compostela, Res. Biblioteca Universitaria de Salamanca, ms. Je les ai vus directement sur le manuscrit. Zapke, Hispania Vetus, , S. Medieval Studies in Honour of Peter Linehan. Edited by Francisco J. Section des sciences historiques et philologiques. Livret-Annuaire, Lilao Franca et C. Symbole du pseudo-Athanase: Quiquumque uult saluus esse […] saluus ID esse non poterit fol.

Gilson, The mozarabic Psalter, , voir J. Zapke, Hispania Vetus, , M. Les textes sont retranscrits dans L. Voir infra, Folio v, ligne 2. Pour des exemples carolingiens, voir S. Par deux corrections au fol. Litanies des saints: Hec est letania post rogationes. Domine, ne in ira tua […] et clamor noster ad te perueniat fols. La liturgie O hispanique traditionnelle ne connaissait pas cette pratique liturgique.

La proportion de saints non hispaniques est beaucoup plus forte dans N le LCH que dans le manuscrit de SI Lapidge, Anglo-Saxon Litanies of the Saints, , Voir aussi M.

Herrgott, Vetus disciplina monastica, , Per horum omnium sanctorum […] et de futuris largire custodiam Dona mihi, domine, medicinam celestem, tutela ZZ mentis infunde, et de omnibus infirmitatibus me liberare digneris II, , -E SM CO, a.

Ps , 6. Ps 69, 1. Ps 50, Ps , 3 Pone Domine. Ostium et cf. Ps , 46 loquere domine test. Ps , Ps , 17, 34, 44, 88, , Ps 89, Ps 89, 17 90, 17 Pick. Klinka, ibid. Cette construction nous semble peu vraisemblable.

Pick, ibid. Athanasio conscriptus cujus nonnullae ecclesiae nec meminerunt, nisi in sola Dominica , nullo die obmittitur, ut non dicatur a nobis; sed in privatis diebus simul cum aliis psalmis, in Dominica post preces.

Post primam, praeter psalmos quorum jam supra memini, sequuntur adhuc etiam septem psalmi poenitentiales. Boynton, Shaping a monastic Identity, , pour les manuscrits de Farfa et du Vatican et p. Mais le plus important est ailleurs. Kelly, The Athanasian Creed, , 39 p. Voir J. Kelly, The Athanasian Creed. Voir note Voir les remarques de S. Renard et al. Martin, Queen as King, , pour Sancha et p. Santiago de Compostela, Biblioteca Universitaria, Res. Boynton, Susan, Shaping a monastic Identity.

Coens, M. Cottier, J. Gilson, J. Hamilton, S. EL Henriet, Patrick, Hispania sacra. N Herrgott, M. Corpus Christianorum CM Turnhout D Kelly, J. Hilfsmittel, 24, Hanovre Paris , Volumen Extraordinario 2 Martin, Theresa, Queen as King. Morin, G. LU Pinell, J. G Rauwel, A. SM Turner, D. Textos, 1 Barcelone-Madrid, At least two quires were added at the end of the parts that gave the hymns and the night office. It contains the symbol of the pseudo Athanase, a confession originally intended for Queen Sancha wife of Ferdi- nand I , litanies revealing a Cluniac sanctoral and various prayers.

On the basis of paleographic O arguments on the one hand and underlining the profound unity of these additions ZZ on the other hand the night office was given according to the Hispanic liturgy and the two added squires were giving the office of Prime according to a Cluniac LU model , we try to prove that the two last quires were copied under the reign of Sancha.


Liber canticorum, motets (30) for chorus

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mechanically, I think this was a very good supplement; it added a lot of dimension and resources to the game that players and GMs desperately wanted. I was the author and editor of a lot of supplements for the In Nomine roleplaying game, by Steve Jackson Games. My Ratings A lot of my ratings are for books I read a long time ago, and my memory is hazy on some of them. Keith rated it really liked it Jun 11, Learn the part that music plays in the Symphony, and expand your campaign with new optional rules and Resources.


Holmboe: Liber Canticorum / Chamber Choirs


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