Same props as above. Uses bracelet sized rings, " ribbons, and a handkerchief. The ring selected by a spectator is instantly removed. Uses just two bracelet sized rings and a silk.

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Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days Routined Manipulation may be one of the best magic books ever produced on manipulation. Whether working close-up or onstage, this text examines a huge breadth of material, including cards, coins, cups and balls, productions, disappearances, and so much more.

There are even sections on how to present manipulation for an audience. Contributions were made by Fred Robinson and Al Koran among others. The pack is shuffled, and the cards dealt slowly onto the table. At any time, the spectator says "stop". Uses a tabloid size paper and needs a metal strip. Includes types of cards to use, preparing the packs, colour changing fan, splitting the fans, the circle of cards, and more 50 Crazy Fans: a close up fan routine.

Making the shells and the peas; The basic move and steals; a 4 phase routine; and a few additional moves with the shells and pea described. A rabbits foot is placed on the table for luck, the kings are moved to the bottom of the deck. This is repeated with "no cheating", but this time the performer gets four aces.

A routine using 3 "standard" cups, cork balls, and a vegetable such as an onion climax. Recommends the Vernon coin vanish found on page of Greater Magic. The egg is broken into a bowl to prove it is real. Shows how to prepare the egg and provides the routine.

Cards are produced from the hand, even with the fingers spread. A paddle routine using wooden matches. The heads disappear, change places, and change colors! The deck is cut and by looking at the cut, the performer can reveal the next card.

This can be repeated and uses a non-gaffed deck. Adaptation of Dr. A card is selected and returned to the deck. The performer demonstrates how the card will be discovered by spelling his own name. The spectator now spells his name, and finds the selected card.

Nelson Downs. Four coins produced from the seemingly empty hand 96 Sleight No. Three cards are placed on top of each. The aces leave the piles and join a chosen ace one at a time. Uses ordinary clay pipes and a few chemicals Uses two die and the familiar paddle move.

Beaumont - a different Harold than above! The Performer tosses a deck of cards in the case and puts it on the table. One card is missing: the named card! Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.


The Art of Close-Up Magic Volume 1



The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 2



Lewis Ganson



Lewis Ganson


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