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Start your review of Les dieux voyagent toujours incognito Write a review Shelves: contemporary-fiction , to-review , arc , fiction , netgalley , kindle Thanks to Netgalley, Hay House, and the author of this book for the advanced copy The Man Who Risked It All is a novel about Alan Greenmor.

Alans mother came from France to America in hopes to provide a stable and productive life for him, but his time in America seems to play out in the polar opposite direction from that intention. Before Alan was born, his mother conned an American to believe that he was the biological father of the bun in her oven. The real father bolted upon hearing the news of her pregnancy. In one of their heated arguments, she blurts out that Alan is really not his son and out the door they go.

For the next decade or so, his mother pushes him to extreme limits in order for Alan to receive scholarships so that he can provide a better life for himself than she was ever able to. That is, until he meets Audrey. Once he has graduated from college and his mother dies, Alan decides to relocate to France, where he meets the love of his life. Without family to turn to and no life to really keep him above water, he decides that he is going to jump from the Eiffel Tower and just end it all.

Perched on the Eiffel Tower and ready to jump, Alan hears a cough, which knocks him out of his trance. Irritated and fighting the vertigo from the height, he spots s a man. This man appears to be just watching him while smoking a cigar. Little does he know that this man is going to challenge him and talk him down from the ledge, albeit in a peculiar way.

This book started out very strong for me and gripped my attention from the start. I was intrigued by this man who coughed and was curious of his motives and that of course kept me turning the pages. I teetered between 3 and 4 stars and if there were half stars then I would definitely have given it 3 and a half because it was a unique read and very insightful. What kept me from 4 or 5 stars would have to be the middle of the book.

I just wish that it had been that way throughout or at least a bit more excitement than there was. When a book throws me by surprise and hits me beside the head with some piece of material that I never saw coming, then I am a very satisfied reader.

The ending of the book and the role of the coughing man was a real surprise to me and I commend an author who sneaks one over on me like that. Bravo, dear author!

I think this was a very interesting read and I highlighted so much in this book that I will be referencing in the future. I wanted to get it all down so that I can later go back and really ponder on some of the examples that were used.

I feel that some of the philosophy in this book and the examples given were such that I could try to apply them toward my own life.


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