Lenovo validates selected products for compatibility with Lenovo servers and works with third-party vendors to test their equipment with ours. OS vendor provides OS support with inbox drivers only. Lenovo only provides hardware level support, and works with the hardware partner and OS vendors to close any compatibility issues customers may experience with their installation. Tested Either the OS or hypervisor was successfully installed on the server. Lenovo acknowledges the community based OSs, and Lenovo will provide hardware level support only, and will not make any statement regarding the support of the OS, including interactions with Lenovo tools or device drivers, or special software provided by Lenovo. None means the combination of server and operating system is not Supported, Certified, or Tested.

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Page 3 Rail kit package Before you begin the rack installation, remove all the parts from the rail kit package shipped with your server and lay all the parts on a working surface. The rail kit package contains the following parts. Contact your place of purchase if any part is missing or damaged. Page 4 The two slide rails contained in the rail kit package are the same. The illustration below shows only the components of one. Figure 2. Slide rail components Front mounting bracket Inner rail Outer rail Rear mounting bracket marked with REAR on both sides Ball rail the ball bearing rail sandwiched between the outer rail and the inner rail to provide a smooth sliding movement Page 5 a.

Hold a slide rail assembly by one hand and carefully slide both the ball rail and the inner rail out of the front of the assembly until the ball rail is locked and cannot be pulled out further. Figure 3. Sliding the ball rail with the inner rail out of the outer rail b.

Page 6 c. Press the metal lever on the ball rail in the direction as shown and slide the ball rail back into the outer rail. The ball rail is an integrated part of the outer rail and do not try to remove the ball rail from the outer rail. Page 7 5. Remove the two rack handles and four screws from the mounting ear kit package shipped with your server and install the rack handles on the server by tightening the screws. Note: Use only screws provided by Lenovo.

Figure 7. Installing the rack handles Page 8 6. Install an inner rail on the two mounting studs on one side of the server and then slide the inner rail to the back of the server until it snaps into position.

Install two M4 x 4 screws to secure the inner rail on the side of the server. Page 9 7. On a front mounting flange of the rack cabinet, select a proper rack mounting area for the server. Then, position the front mounting bracket of an outer rail on the inside of the rack mounting area Note: The holes in a mounting flange are divided into groups by measuring marks. The three holes between two adjacent measuring marks form a group, which indicates 1U space.

Page 10 8. Make sure that the front mounting bracket is flush with the vertical mounting surface and the screw holes in the front mounting bracket are aligned with the corresponding holes in the rack mounting area. Then, partially tighten two M5 x 10 screws with washers to hold the front of the outer rail in position.

Figure Page 11 9. Stretch the rear mounting bracket to the back of the rack and position the rear mounting bracket on the inside of the corresponding rack mounting area on the rear mounting flange. Make sure the front end and rear end of the outer rail are at the same horizontal level and the two screw holes in the rear mounting bracket are aligned with the corresponding holes in the rack mounting area. Page 12 Fully extend the rails on both sides of the rack by sliding the ball rails out of the front of the outer rails until the ball rails are locked and cannot be pulled out further.

You should hear a click when the ball rails are locked. Page 13 Figure Sliding the server with inner rails into the ball rails Page 14 When the inner rails have been stopped, press the retention tabs on both sides in the direction as shown and continue gently sliding the server into the rack until it is fully seated. Pressing the retention tabs and sliding the server all the way into the rack Page 15 To secure the server in the rack, install one M5 x 20 screw through the rack handle on both sides of the server.

After installing the screws, the server is securely seated in the rack and cannot slide out unless you remove the screws. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and are sold to governmental entities as commercial items as defined by 48 C.


Lenovo ThinkServer RD230 Manual



ThinkServer RD230



Lenovo ThinkServer RD230 Rack Installation Instructions


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