Synchronous model allows detection of first two kinds of failures. Byzantine failures may be due to hardware or software failures, or due to malicious attacks. Other Issues metrics: time, message traffic, storage overhead Taxonomy of Problems All non-faulty processors must agree on value s from a non-faulty processor Byzantine agreement: The source processor broadcasts its initial value to all other processes. Agreement: All nonfaulty processors agree on the same value. Validity: If the source processor is nonfaulty, the the common agreed upon value by all nonfaulty processors should be the initial value of the source consensus: Every processor broadcast the initial value to all other processors. Validity: If the initial value of every nonfaulty processor is v, then the agreed upon common value by all nonfaulty processors must be v.

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Lecture #10: Agreement Protocols

According to the earlier definition, P2 will append its process ID to the path and forward each resulting message to all other processes. That can add up to a lot of messages in a big system. The Second Stage While sending messages in each round, processes are also accumulating incoming messages. The messages are stored in a tree format, with each round of messages occupying one rank of the tree.


Lamport Shostak Pease Algorithm Assignment Help



The Byzantine Generals Problem


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