This was changed for continuity and branding. Alternate history[ edit ] In the series, the Roman Empire called the Tiberian Empire had fallen due to internal conflict instead of the Barbarian Invasions and the Germanic peoples were kept at bay to the east of the Rhine called Rhenus with its Latin name. Paul the Apostle did not live to form Christianity and followers of Jesus called Yeshua ben Yosef live as a sect of Messianic Judaism known as the Yeshuites. An offshoot from Yeshuites, led by a descendent of Jesus and his angel companions, had made its foothold in Gaul after a long period of exile and persecution. Earth Begotten was published in April, by Havilah Press. The pages were printed by hand using a Columbian hand press.

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Shelves: favorites , virgin-hero , hero-to-die-for , warrior , captive-kidnapped , spy , heroine-i-adore , fantasy , quest , owned-copy Just a disclaimer here: This will be a very difficult review to write.

In order to truly review this book, I have to talk about my own views on things and how books affect me personally. I am opening myself up here, which always makes me squirm. But, I am not going to deny how I feel, because that is very important to me when I review a book, since I read books emotionally and not from a detached Just a disclaimer here: This will be a very difficult review to write. But, I am not going to deny how I feel, because that is very important to me when I review a book, since I read books emotionally and not from a detached standpoint.

I can think of a list of reasons why I should not have liked this book, and I will start there: 1. I really dislike long books. This book was a massive pages! Prostitution and paid sex is something that I absolutely detest the thought of. I generally avoid this content like the plague, although a big part of my nature is to occasionally challenge myself and my perceptions of the world.

Not only that, her prostitution is a form of worship and honor to one of her dieties if you want to call Fallen angels dieties. Promiscuity and sleeping around is another area that I am just not comfortable with. I am very vanilla about sex. The main character in this story is a masochist. She was pricked by Kushiel who is the angel who is the keeper of Hell and punishes the lost.

That punishment is out of love to save their souls. I think you could use your imagination. Most of the sex scenes were very uncomfortable for me to read. Somehow, she managed to avoid them coming off as repulsive and tawdry. Surprisingly, I found that I really got into that aspect of this story, and I was quite enthralled with the tangled web of conspiracies against members of the royal family and nobles.

I believe it was because Ms. Carey did a great job of entwining Phedre into this Gordian Knot in a very intimate manner through her adoptive father, Anafiel Delaunay. Her skills aid him in his secret avocation to the royal family, hearing and seeing all, in the line of her duties as a courtesan.

The whole cultural set up of this story is very different from what I am used to. Surprisingly, this part was the easiest thing to get past. When I read fantasy, I expect that the author will build her own world from the ground up, and that might include other religious beliefs. I can easily separate myself from what I know and accept the concepts from the story and read it with a fresh mind.

In this book, Ms. The other members of the pantheon are angels that chose to fall to accompany Elua in his exile. In other words, turning their back on God to follow Elua. I believe there are also Muslims, but they are called Akkadians. The people who correspond to the Celts and Picts of Alba Britain and Eire Ireland have their own beliefs, and the Skaldi, who are like Norsemen, worship the Norse pantheon. Even though it was pretty different, I thought it was a pretty creative cultural genesis that Ms.

Carey accomplished in this story.


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Kushiel's Legacy



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