The energy is slower manifesting in the external world, partly because the individual with retrograde planets tends to think more deeply about the energies involved. Many geniuses and leaders have retrograde planets. II, retrograde planets tend to break the time barrier. The individual brings memories of prior lifetimes into the present incarnation.

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You need to stop in a place and deepen and evolve your working career. You are a modest person, eager to put you in the service of others. This existence will be regulating for you, and will teach you the value of the good living regulations that you have often ignored in previous existences. You need to moderate the excesses. You may want to focus on caring for your physique. You will certainly make concrete plans for the future. You have returned to live rationally, and you cannot get out of the mental enclosure.

Your way of seeing the world is packed by science and universities. You will come in comparison with answers and alternative opinions, and you should not underestimate the importance of the opinion of others. Your experience is directed towards humility and laboriousness. Learn what it means to engage in something and start from the mess. It is not a particularly intriguing existence for many of you, you are not famous, but you are in the shadows but you remain necessary and fundamental. In this existence you deepen the social aspect of life that you have lost sight of in the previous existence.

You will have to learn to Rapportavi with the needs and needs of others, and therefore you will have to learn to balance and moderate. You are asked to behave in a certain way, and to show you in a way that could conceal a lot. You are asked to make a beautiful figure and to be attentive to appearances, and to the impression that you give. But some of you will live your life with a bit of healthy relaxation.

You are interested in the rules of good living that have been inculcated in the previous experience. Not everyone among you will be able to marry or keep a job, but you will not miss a youthful love, and the company of trusted friends. You are a moderately known, moderately famous personality.

You should not try to be perfect because you still have a long way to go to fully evolve. Your territory intrigues you particularly, although many of you live a monotonous existence with fixed and unmalleable ideas.

Rediscover the passion for food and the pleasure of owning, and living a more homely life. At the same time the natural world in all its forms fascinates you. You can do with plants and animals. In this existence you relate to the world of money in particular and deepen the economic aspect of existence.

You do not want to expand your private and personal territory. You no longer expose yourself to any risk. You are fascinated by materialism and you almost become more attached to objects than to people.

You are collectors and you look for quality. You mostly relate to the "non-human" of the Earth. Many of you find a stable job and always stay in the same place. Life could give you little to start with, but much to gain in the future. However they go things need clear reference points. You are realistic and materialistic. For some of you, however, the only individual who counts something is you. Just you. Yours is a mission related to the exposure of your talents, and many of you will live success and fame, but your ego swells, with unpredictable results.

You are the most suitable people to guide young people and new lives. In your previous life you have surrounded yourself with objects, while now recalling audience and audience. The success that you will gain could hide pitfalls and illusions. Here you can reach the highest level of the twelve stages, but it is also easy to sink.

In the previous life you have been clinging to the culture that surrounded you, now you have the opportunity to start new trends, to put your brand and to follow your style. The old age from 50 to 69 will be decisive for you. Career and social status are put in the center. You no longer have time to deepen the social aspect of life. The friends you find tend to escape and you lose sight of them soon. Your character is now proving everything and you relate to the world with realism, but your soul also shows the first spiritual ailments.

Feel that you are missing something on the inner level but your environment does not allow you to recognize it and deepen.

Geographically many of you go from the heat to the cold, culturally from the stars to the stables. You have to resume from a low starting situation to achieve success. You will not be able to touch the heights of your work because even if you get there, you ask if it was really worth it and you will not feel satisfied.

In This existence we must understand old age. As a child you relate in particular with the grandparents, as young children you will want to grow quickly and attend the great. You felt important in the previous life, now you have to learn again the hard facts of life. You are realistic and do not exaggerate anymore.

Your family will expand from time to time, and allow you to periodically host karmic figures. You are in close and intimate contact with past experiences and previous lives. Retracing the past of your country, and your own path with your children, experience nostalgia, you are passionate about history and live in a somewhat retro style.

You lock yourself in the family shell and home and you are a little uncomfortable with the social world. For you, middle age and menopause are particularly distressing experiences. You spend a modest, limited existence, with a family perhaps obtuse and intrusive or incorporating, which requires too much of you.

You take refuge in what you know. You will again be carried away by the will and try to interfere as little as possible with society. You are old souls, but for this reason even more fragile. The passion for the spiritual and religious aspect of life reemerges.

You are easy to strong emotions, empathy and identification in others. Look for answers in your dreams, and you may often spend experiences in the hospital from time to time. Previously soddisfacevate your ego and adoravate the important people and celebrities for you were models to imitate, now instead you are brought to help and in some cases even serve the unseen, the weak and the exploited. Many of you are part of these categories. You are able to save lives, console those who need, change people and bring them back to society.

You have humanitarian ideals and attributed importance to religion. You carry an inner baggage of fatigue and limitation. In the previous life you were aloof and miserly, and now you will have to develop empathy and sensibility. Remedy the debts of previous experiences by serving those who need more attention. You have particular and unique feelings, emerging memories of other lives, intuitions, premonitions, you know a lot about synchronicity.

Fantasy can become reality, dreams come true, fate from a thousand streets often intersects your path. You know a lot about mortality because you have experienced major and dramatic losses and bereavements, and you tend to see everything in black or white. They tell you that you have a strong sexual passion, but some of you feel uncomfortable in this respect and have strong expression difficulties. Think of the debts to be paid and the inheritance you leave to others who will survive.

You tend to go through stages where you get gloomy. You have to understand what really matters. You are at a crossroads, and you can choose to live negatively or positively. Know that, however, you will create yourself the hell and heaven.

You are able to analyze a situation from the psychological point of view, you are veterans of humanity. Maybe you choose to do some good every day, maybe you choose to threaten entire countries. You can make headlines, one way and the other.

You have to choose whether to benefit humanity or to taint yourself with crimes. You are life saviors or life-exploiters.


Your stage in reincarnation according to karmic astrology

Through reincarnation, we inherit burdens and powers that astrology can reveal Magic Horoscope Who were you in another life, what are your burdens now, and what good actions are coming back? All intel of Uranus on Taurus : ready for a change after 7 years of waiting? What is karmic astrology? Beyond an esoteric point of view, astrology is a tool to sort out issues about current problems and future concerns.


Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades and Reincarnation Vol 2


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