I appreciate your comments. So the universe had a beginning. Obviously his credentials as a scientist are impeccable. In my case it should be understood from the start that I am an agnostic in religious matters. The details differ, but the essential elements in the astronomical and biblical accounts of Genesis are the same: the chain of events leading to man commenced suddenly and sharply at a definite moment in time, in a flash of light and energy.

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According to Wikipedia, he had an extremely distinguished career at NASA, among other things serving as the first chairman of the Lunar Exploration Committee and leading the Theoretical Division for several years.

But he was also a co-founder of the George C. This institute later took the view that tobacco was having no effect, that Acid Rain was not caused by human emissions, that ozone was not depleted by CFCs, that pesticides were not environmentally harmful and it was also critical of the consensus view of anthropogenic global warming.

Jastrow acknowledged the earth was experiencing a warming trend, but claimed that the cause was likely to be natural variation. You can read the whole thing in a couple of hours, including the two afterwords. Somehow, the faith-based community has dropped the ball as far as the Big Bang is concerned.

Mainstream science was notoriously reluctant to accept the theory, and many scientists went on record as calling it Creationism in disguise. Well, Jastrow should maybe get some of the blame, because God and the Astronomers is a surprisingly poor piece of work.

The author expresses his gratitude to "Sally Bassett for exceptional dedication and ability in carrying out many tasks of editing, indexing and proofreading"; one wonders if this is ironic.

The content is better, but, although Jastrow writes quite well, he is appallingly sloppy and careless with his facts. Most surprisingly, Jastrow makes obvious mistakes when describing how the chemical elements are formed in stars. The philosopher Comte famously said in that it would never be possible to know what the stars were made of; 30 years later, Huggins used spectroscopy to prove him wrong. Here, Jastrow says in that we will never be able to understand what happened in the Big Bang, because all the evidence was destroyed by the enormous temperature of the early universe.

And again, just 30 years later, WMAP produces a detailed picture of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, which gives a wealth of information about what happened. These "experts" often turn out to be scientists with no relevant training in the field in question, yet because of their past irrelevant scientific laurels, they are taken seriously by the press and public. The shocking thing that Oreskes and Conway document in their book Merchants of Doubt is that just a few individuals Fred Seitz, Fred Singer, William Nierenberg, Robert Jastrow and a few more were at the front of every one of these attempts to deny scientific reality


God and the astronomers

I was surprised at how well the author navigated such a potentially complex case with relative ease. It opens the appetite to read more about the subject. God and the Astronomers, Revisited The first clues to the existence of relatively advanced forms of life consist of a few barely discernible tracks, presumably made in the primeval slime by soft, wriggling wormlike animals. Read reviews that mention big bang bang theory mountains of ignorance sitting there for centuries band of theologians theologians gof have been sitting robert jastrow universe god creation science scientist scientists agnostic astronomers dated faith.


God and the Astronomers Quotes

He went to Columbia University for college and graduate school, where he received his A. Afterwards he joined NASA when it was formed in Concurrently he was also a Professor of Geophysics at Columbia University. Views on controversial issues[ edit ] Creation[ edit ] His expressed views on creation were that although he was an "agnostic, and not a believer", [1] it seems to him that "the curtain drawn over the mystery of creation will never be raised by human efforts, at least in the foreseeable future" [1] due to "the circumstances of the Big Bang -the fiery holocaust that destroyed the record of the past".

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Robert Jastrow





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