Zaab a gorilla man from No Fear is in hot pursuit of Dee human. It was based the same world but had nothing to do with the charactors we have all started to love. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. The one tracking our heroine obsessively and cursing every day Dee slips away, is General Zaab.

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The highlander jungle of planet Dementia Kabka star system of the third dimension Her friends called her the Schemer, or Scheme for short, for she had always been well known for her ability to get out of tight situations. But as she ran through the dense Dementian jungle panting for air, her heartbeat drumming like mad against her chest, Delores Ellison was afraid that, for the very first time in her twenty-nine years, she had gotten herself into a situation there was no squeezing out of.

Her father had always said she was too much like her mother for his peace of mind. Perhaps he had been right. Dee dashed through the overgrown jungle as fast as her feet would carry her. She ignored the rogue strands of golden hair that whipped into her eyes and stung them, and instead concentrated her energy on escaping the gorilla fighter whose hunting skills were proving to be frighteningly keen.

Good God in heaven, do not let this beast enslave me! But she had been in Dementia for over a year now and, at least until this night of reckoning, had managed to thwart any would-be slave traders from capturing her. Dee was certain that if only she could find that talisman—or whatever in the hell it was—she could go back to Earth, back to home.

She ran into the night, dashed through the highlander jungle terrain she had grown accustomed to, her breath coming out in short gasps. She could sense his sharp green eyes on her, could hear the low growl of a predator hissing in his throat… Please, she silently begged the heavens. I do not want to be a slave!

Oh God—oh please God help me! Dee ran impossibly faster, ignoring the buzzing sound of the insect predators that swarmed throughout the dense terrain. She knew what those gorillas had done to that one human girl, the one she had tried to escape Dementia with six months ago. Knew too that the Dementian males coveted humanoid females as nothing more than sex slaves and serving girls.

Zaab had once been a lowlander lieutenant, but had taken over the highlander Mantus Hoard by force when its elderly leader was assassinated by fellow tribesmen. And so now the new general ruled with an iron fist, and in just under a year had made the Mantus the most respected—and feared—gorilla fighters on the planet. Twice before he had stalked her, twice before she had thwarted him.

The third time would prove to be a charm—but whether for her or for him… Zaab. He stood upright like a human, possessed the mental acuity of a human, and even carried the masculine scent of a human, yet this male was no human… A gorilla. The eerily moaning wind swarmed about her, crashing through the rough alien terrain. She could feel him getting close, then closer still, could sense his sharp, possessive eyes narrowed on her… Run, Dee!

Dee cried out softly in her throat as the low growling sound grew alarmingly closer. Her heartbeat was thumping like a rock against her chest, her blue eyes wide and her breathing labored. She made a quick left turn into the thickest portion of the jungle and dashed into it, knowing it was an unsafe place to be, but also realizing that if she was to thwart Zaab for a third time then this was the only way.

Help me! Dear God in heaven please help me! Dee screamed out when the sharp stinger of a predatorial vine shot through her thigh, effectively throwing her to the ground while it slowly drugged her with hallucinogen. Not the vines—oh no, not the vines. She knew it was over. Knew too that Zaab had won. Either way, it was over… The vines were the method Dementians used to break human female slaves to their bidding.

The predatorial plant would intravenously pump a euphoric hallucinogen into her system, making her orgasm over and over again, providing them with the juice they dined on, until she literally died of pleasure and dehydration.

Dee cried out softly as two pink flower buds from the vine clamped onto her nipples and began suctioning at them. They stiffened immediately, causing her to moan. She blinked slowly, opening her blue eyes on a moan as a third flower bud clamped onto her clit and began suctioning it.

She shuddered, knowing an orgasm was imminent. The general stood above her, his piercing green eyes flicking possessively over her naked, splayed-out body. His gaze settled on her cunt and lingered there, then darted up the length of her to meet her eyes. Dee swallowed roughly, wondering through the euphoric daze that was quickly engulfing her just how long it would take before she was begging the bastard to fuck her.

A male in his prime, an alpha male who owned more slaves than she could count, would know very well—too well—how to use the vines to get what he wanted. She groaned and simultaneously arched her hips as the first powerful orgasm hit. She closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to watch his expression, for she could sense his arrogant pleasure as though it was a tangible thing.

The rustling sound of discarded leather clothing induced her eyes to sleepily open for a moment. It was hard to focus on any one thing for the euphoria was hitting fast, but she was alert enough to recognize the naked, powerful Dementian male standing over her.

His body was at least seven feet tall—probably more. Two deadly incisors jutted out from his otherwise human-looking teeth , a grim reminder that he could slice through her jugular like melted butter. Her eyes flicked down to his stone-hard cock. She nervously wetted her lips, again wondering how long it would take before she was begging the general to fuck her.

And then the euphoria kicked in and she no longer cared. Chapter Two Surreality engulfed all of her senses. Her mind swam as if dreaming, or as if existing on another plane far removed from the cold jungle floor she lay naked and spread-eagle upon. She shuddered and moaned as the flower buds on the vines clamped down harder onto her erect nipples and swollen clit, her legs shaking as she violently climaxed. And still, the general made no move to fuck her. Yet realistically she knew it was the hallucinogen making her feel that way.

No more than fifteen minutes could have passed since the vines had snagged her, but the painfully hedonistic euphoria made the time seem endless.

She needed to be mounted. She needed to be fucked more than she needed to breathe. Zaab was watching her, she knew. She gritted her teeth, refusing to beg. He ran a large, rough hand over her belly, then brought it up to cup one breast.

Apparently irritated that the suctioning flower bud was in the way of his touching her nipple, he pulled it off, snapped the head and threw that particular portion of the vine to the wayside. She heard the other flower bud make a popping sound as it was forced from her other nipple. A second later that one was snapped too and two large Dementian hands settled in at her breasts and toyed with her nipples, making them ache so much more than the vines had. His thumbs and forefingers plucked at her nipples, plumping them up.

She sucked in her breath and arched her hips as he settled himself intimately between her outspread thighs. He made no move to displace the flower bud sucking vigorously at her clit, opting instead to watch as she convulsed again from another orgasm the plant-mouth brought on.

She gritted her teeth. He removed the needle that the predatorial vine had shot into her thigh and momentarily disabled it by sticking the needled portion of it into the faux flesh-box.

So that was how he would keep the vine alive if he needed it again, she thought hesitantly. Not that the sexual euphoria she was already experiencing was even close to waning, she thought with near hysteria.

It seemed to grow worse and worse, making her want to clamp her legs together and squeeze, inducing her breathing to hitch and her pupils to dilate. With a growl, he pushed her thighs farther apart, making her breathing hitch. She lay spread out before him, her hands roped to the jungle floor above her head, her thighs tied down to the ground making movement—and escape—impossible.

Her head thrashed from side to side as the flower bud sucking on her clit grew more suctioning. He palmed his massive cock and placed the tip at the opening to her pussy. Her jaw clenched as she narrowed her icy blue eyes at him. Enraged at the insult, Zaab let out an ear-piercing bellow as he stared down at her, his acute green eyes narrowed in anger.

She flinched when he pulled his cock away from her wet opening, then whimpered when he removed his hands from her breasts. And if her guess was accurate, he was still smarting from more than her show of defiance—he was still reeling from the knowledge that a human female had managed to elude him for more than six months. Dee ground her hips in a wanton, carnal gesture. Her breasts heaved up and down in time with her labored breathing. Beads of perspiration covered her torso.

She no longer cared how pathetic she looked, no longer cared that the unthinkable had happened and she had been captured by her nemesis. Later, there would be time to think on that. For now, all she wanted was to be mounted. She took comfort in that, hoping he would forget his anger long enough to put her out of the euphoric misery.

The flower bud at her clit began suctioning more vigorously, making her gasp. Her back arched, lifting up her breasts like two offerings. She hesitated for the briefest of moments, then turned her head, baring her neck to him. The vines tightened their hold on her thighs, pinioning her motionless while the flower bud suckled juice from her cunt. She gritted her teeth, not wanting to come again, for her juice only made the bud suck harder and faster. She was going to go mad. She was going to die of pleasure.

Where her words had meant little, apparently her actions meant a lot. His palms came down to knead her aching breasts again, making her moan.

His fingers flicked at the nipples, inducing her back to arch and her hips to flare up. All she could see was Zaab and his sharp green eyes.


Dementia (2002)

Kir I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Return to Book Page. Not much of a story and plenty of whomp No major plot progression at all. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Without giving anything away this book can be read as a standalone but it is more than worthwhile to read all of this fabulous series.


Tina Engler

Shelves: perv-hentai-guilty-pleasure , scifi-hot-fun , fun-interesting , fantasy-erotica-adult-wow-weird , suprisingly-tasty , short-reads , good-erotica , bdsm , quicky , mars-needs-women Planet of the apes gone erotica! Let me just start by saying this was a fun read! Yet in no way could it be taken seriously. Hilarious and a little rough in structure and story telling.

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