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Детализируется следующими подхарактеристиками субхарактеристиками : Адаптируемостью Сосуществованием соответствием Замещаемостью Подхарактеристика Соответствие не приведена в вышеописанном списке, но она принадлежит всем характеристикам. Эта характеристика должна отражать отсутствие противоречий с иными стандартами или характеристиками. Например соответствие надежности и практичности. Каждая качественная подхарактеристика субхарактеристика например адаптируемость в дальнейшем разделяется на атрибуты. Атрибуты не определены в стандарте из-за их разнообразия в различных программных продуктах. В стандарте выделена модель характеристик качества в использовании.

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Brajinn A case study to identify quality attributes iso iec for web based ief. This may be done, for example, by specifying target values for quality metrics which evaluates the degree of presence of quality attributes.

Also it provides a framework which can some trade-offs between software product specifications Behkamal et al. ANP developed by Thomas Saaty provides a way to input judgments and measurements to derive ratio scale priorities for the distribution of influence among the criteria and groups of criteria in the decision Saaty, Moreover, Yuksel used ANP to demonstrate iso iec process for quantitative SWOT analysis that can be performed even when there is dependence among strategic factors Yuksel and Dagdeviren, A case study for a textile firm.

In this study, we created a network structure based on previous researches. They used two different iso iec to identify these relationships. As a result, for deriving fuzzy comparision matrix we created matrix of pair wise comparisons Eq. Attributes are not defined in the standard, as they vary between different software products. As a result, the notion of user extends to operators as well as to programmers, which are users of components such as software libraries.

Attributes of software that bear on io effort needed for diagnosis of deficiencies or causes of failures, or for identification of parts to be modified. Selection criteria for commercially available software in construction accounting. ISO identifies the internal characteristics and external quality characteristics of a software product and contains various characters. Hence, the ISO model was chosen as a basis. Therefore, for deriving preference ratio among decision makers and to reach a global argument among them, we use Group Fuzzy Preference Programming GFPP.

List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. This page was last edited isi 12 Septemberat Wang used a survey, generating items, collecting data and validating the multiple-item scale for developing a comprehensive model and tools for measuring learner satisfaction with asynchronous E-learning systems.

An external metric is a quantitative scale and measurement method, which can be used for measuring an attribute or characteristic of a software product, derived from the behaviour of the system of which it is a part. Abstract ISO quality model is an assessment tool for determining software quality which has main attributes and sub attributes. Secondly, we conducted a survey to found out pair wise comparisons between criteria, sub criteria and alternative using a Standard AHP approach, thus we evaluated an AHP model for selection of the most appropriate E-learning Software.

Click here to skip or ad will close in 15 seconds. Commercial iso iec of ERP could not provide a unique business model for every process of all industry Teltumbde, Attributes of software that bear on the presence and appropriateness iso iec a set of functions for specified tasks. Suryn and Laverdiere analyzed architecture of a soft switch in the telecom industry in order to identify internal quality characteristics, sub characteristics and iso iec measures critical to its functioning as well as a help to measure iso iec Quality-in-use metrics are only available when the final product is used in real conditions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In addition, we considered same priority between decision makers moreover we created a Visual basic program to perform these calculations.

Software product is defined in a broad sense: Understanding the relations between software quality attributes: A fuzzy ANP model for evaluating e-learning platform. A framework for evaluating ERP projects. Strategic analysis of logistics and supply chain management systems using the analytical network process.

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