Cautionary Items on Software Thank you for purchasing the product. The following contents are to ask the software users for their understandings and the precautions for use. The OS 2 has a role to perform the basic function such as data management when executing the Application Program. The OS, unlike the Application Program, does not have to be exclusive to each product; rather it can be commonly used to different products.

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Ishida Co. The measures to be taken for defects whose origin is unclear shall be decided by mutual consultation between both parties. Ishida assumes no responsibility for loss, injury or damage which are the result of unauthorized or unforeseen operational procedures. The warranty period is stated in the Certificate. Purpose of this manual This manual is designed to provide users with information about the operation, service, maintenance, and installation on the Ishida multihead weigher.

How to read this manual and how this manual is organized The early chapters of this manual contain basic information on safety consideration, structure, or the operation of this equipment. The latter chapters contain more specialized information on detailed descriptions of the weigher functions including data setting , maintenance, or troubleshooting.

In order to acquire information which is necessary for your service, personnel involved in daily production should read the early chapters, personnel involved in management and maintenance of the weigher should read all chapters thoroughly.

The structure of this manual, the contents of each chapter, and the intended readers are described in the table below. All personnel involved in operations with the equipment should select the required information to make effective use of this manual. Operator Level. Do not perform any work described in this manual if it is targeted to any personnel other than Operator.

Personnel who set weighing parameters or tune the equipment i. Site Engineer Level. Do not perform any work described in this manual if it is targeted to Maintenance personnel. Installation Engineer Level.

Do not perform any work described in this manual if it is targeted to Service personnel. There is no limitation in performing works described in this manual unless specially. The actual equipment may differ slightly from the illustrations.

In this manual, the operation by pressing these keys are described as follows: EX. Press the [XXX] key. This indicates a clear and immediate danger, and extreme caution must be exercised to prevent a mishap. If this hazard is not avoided, there is a possibility of death of injury resulting.

If this hazard is not avoided, there is a possibility that light or moderate injury may result. It may also indicate that a possibility of damage to equipment exists. Used to emphasize or clarify an important point in the manual. Gives information which helps understanding. Indicates what you must not perform. Indicates what you must perform.

Indicates pages for reference.



Mushicage High-speed automatic case packerGlobal Support ServiceHelpdeskThe Ishida technical helpdesk provides an unrivalled benefit: Test your products at oshida of our demonstration centers worldwide. Ishida multihead weighers can improve your product packing lines with: We aim to support our partners fully, from the very start of the buying Pinguin Foods UK is part of the Belgium-based PinguinLutosa group, a global leader in the supply of vegetable and potato-based top quality, easy-to-prepare products. Supports increasedsensitivity in foreign object detection with selections from a library and Handles cdw, metallised, recyclable and biodegradeable film. It detects holes as small as 0. All Ishida Europe Limited catalogs and technical brochures Alone or placed nextto complementary products e. Ishida has an extensive range of multihead ishisa suited to many food and non-food applications.


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