Darabont, like many who took on this role I think writers in total worked on the project expressed dissatisfaction with how unfocused Spielberg and Lucas were, and the impossibility of satisfying both. The situations, characters, and plot may change significantly by the time the film is released. This is not a definitive statement about the project, but rather an analysis of this unique draft as it pertains to the craft of screenwriting. More Indiana Jones debate! The plan here is to do the usual break down and analysis. The reason to review this script is to figure out which is better, City of Gods or Crystal Skull.

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Edit The story opens in Nevada around , where a semi-retired Indiana Jones and his Russian emigre workmate Yuri Makovsky are working in a Zuni site. One night, Indiana lends his truck to Yuri to travel to a nearby village but he sees Yuri meeting with other men and heading for a different direction, so Indy decides to follow the convoy and discover their intentions. After entering a secret US Army base in the desert, Indy discovers that Yuri is actually a Soviet agent and foils his plans to purchase an amount of uranium and a mysterious package from two corrupt American scientists.

Indy escapes using a refrigerator as shelter and is rescued by the US Army. New York Edit After a long interrogation, Indy is released by the US government but an FBI agent is assigned to watch him anyway, as the government still suspects him of having communist sympathies.

He also loses his job at Barnett College and decides to forget the shock by drinking. Somehow, Indy recovers control over his actions and is able not only to escape the Soviet, but also to kill him.

In New York City, Indy finds a crystal skull in the cabinet and instructions to meet somebody in a hotel room. Indy finds a gangster there that gives him a fake passport, a plane ticket to Peru and further instructions to meet somebody else there.

As it is revealed later, the man supposed to use that plane ticket was Yuri, who beats up the gangster. In Peru Indy meets Marion, now wife of the flamboyant Hungarian nobleman and archaeologist Peter Belasko, who is still angry with Indy for abandoning her.

She needs the crystal skull to find the mythical city of Los Dioses, a place in the Peruvian rainforest where according to the legend wishes can come true. Many expeditions had tried to locate it before but failed. The last one was headed by an old friend of both, Professor Vernon Oxley , who has been missing since then.

Belasko claims that the Nazca Lines are actually a code that, interpreted correctly, can help locate the city. Indy and Marion rent a plane to photograph the figures. But during their mission, they are attacked by another plane piloted by Yuri.

A dogfight follows, after which both machines crash in the Peruvian jungle. Indy and Marion are rescued by a mysterious German doctor named Von Grauen who lives among a tribe of Hovitos. Yuri avoids being hanged by promising the ruthless Peruvian dictator President Escalante that he will help him to use the skull and find the city. Belasko is using him to interpret the Nazca symbols and draw the itinerary of the expedition.

All want the skull. As a result, a Mexican standoff follows until it is suddenly broken by the attack of giant, hungry army ants. Everyone flees the ants, most like Belasko jumping into a nearby river. Indy and Marion take the truck where Oxley is caged and are chased by both Soviet commandos on horseback and the Peruvian army in jeeps. The truck falls into the river and is chased by Peruvian inflatable boats.

Just as the boats are about to take the truck, it falls over four waterfalls. Miraculously, the people on the truck survive, while almost all the others die.

However, Belasko steals a machine gun and kills all the remaining Peruvian soldiers. Immediately, he reveals that he is also a Soviet agent, which upsets Marion. Everyone is tied to a jeep rigged with a bomb set to explode, but they are rescued by Oxley at the last minute. When they enter the lost city of "Los Dioses", they find Porfi crazy and his two partners dead.

Finally they reach the Main Temple, which has a complex aqueduct and still-working electric golden wires, despite its antiquity. And in the main circular chamber, they find thirteen headless skeletons made of crystal. The skull "tells" Indy which skeleton it belongs to and Indy places it on its shoulders. Immediately, a mechanism activates revealing thirteen alien mummies sitting on thirteen thrones, each one in front of one of the skeletons.

A supernatural voice asks about the other skulls. When it is told that no one knows about them, the voice becomes angry. The voice claims to be from one of the alien beings that long time ago took over Earth and gave birth to all ancient civilizations and religions.

This voice says then that it is time to grant a wish to those five members of the groups with the greatest desire: Peter Belasko, Yuri Makovski, Von Grauen, Escalante and Indiana Jones.

Von Grauen wishes to restore the "greatness" created by the Nazis, and a fake Adolf Hitler takes his heart apart, Escalante wishes to be feared by everybody, and he is converted in a poison frog, Belasko wants to know everything, and his brain melts due to the excessive knowledge. Indy demands Marion. Indy is pardoned then.

While the other men die, the alien belonging to the activated skeleton slowly comes to life. But Indy saves Makovsky. The alien, angry and needing a fourth human body to complete his restoration, takes Oxley by the neck and begins to suck his life force. The Main Temple begins to fall apart then and the remaining survivors flee through the aqueduct in the skiff. A giant UFO, buried under the whole city, begins to take flight Safe on the river by then, Indy beats Yuri and tells him to stay away from his country in the future.

Epilogue: Washington, D. Eisenhower for his help in "destroying a Communist plot that caused a nuclear explosion in the jungles of Peru. He turned in drafts in May and November Lucas had issues with it, and he began rewriting it titling it Phantom City of the Gods. However, the daughter idea was particularly disliked by Steven Spielberg , [2] who he felt to be too much like the character of Kelly Malcolm in the sequel to Jurassic Park , The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

For this reason, Spielberg petitioned Darabont to write out the character. In the case of the villains, both Lucas and Spielberg agreed that the film setting of the s could not omit the Cold War [3] so they decided that the villains should be Soviet agents this time. Darabont lamented the decision, but ultimately accepted it and began to work on a final version of his story.

Harrison Ford agreed that they "plain wore the Nazis out. Darabont felt very disappointed when Lucas rejected his script completely. In an interview with MTV, Darabont said that this rejection represented the loss of a entire year of his work.

He felt at that time that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would likely go to arbitration over the writing credits, although this did not materialize. When questioned about it in , WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange declared that Darabont wanted to make the script public after fans had expressed unhappiness with Crystal Skull and had tried to post it online.

Darabont "was involved in a creativity dispute" at the time and "his I. In consequence, WikiLeaks released the script after "someone" gave it to them.


Frank Darabont’s Rejected ‘Indiana Jones 4’ Script Shows What May Have Been

Plot[ edit ] In , Indiana Jones and his partner George "Mac" Micale have been kidnapped from their archaeological excavating work in Mexico by Soviet agents working under Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko, who infiltrate a secret, governmental Nevada warehouse labeled " Hangar 51 " and force Jones to locate a mummified corpse from the Roswell UFO incident , 10 years earlier, on which he was forced to work. Shortly after, Mac reveals he has become a double agent working for the Soviets. He takes shelter in a lead-lined refrigerator and is rescued, decontaminated, and interrogated by FBI agents, who suspect him of working for the Soviets. Jones is approached by greaser Mutt Williams, who tells him Harold Oxley found a crystal skull in Peru and was later kidnapped. Jones tells Mutt of the legend of crystal skulls found in Akator, and Mutt gives Jones a letter from his mother, with a riddle from Oxley in an ancient language.


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