Up until , he worked as a draftsman for his own advertising company. Bellmer is most famous for the creation of a series of dolls as well as photographs of them. He was influenced in his choice of art form in part by reading the published letters of Oskar Kokoschka Der Fetisch, Hans Bellmer takes credit for provoking a physical crisis in his father and brings his own artistic creativity into association with childhood insubordination and resentment toward a severe and humorless paternal authority. In his works, Bellmer explicitly sexualized the doll as a young girl.

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He created the doll from wood, glue, plaster and straw in his studio - obsessively driven to create what he called a "real object to be possessed. In this photograph a breast, part of the stomach, and the buttocks are exposed, while the angle of the head, gazing at the viewer, makes the face uncharacteristically real. In many of his doll photographs her face is a blank mask onto which the viewer can project whatever they feel, but here she has character. The Surrealists believed in resurrecting childhood as a time when viewers were closest to real life, but Bellmer resurrected his childhood darkness, inviting allegations of deviancy and pedophilia still levelled against him today.

The two torsos, severed and stuck together next to a tree, are utterly defenceless and powerless. The one enjoying the games is the puppet-master, the shadowy voyeur in a long dark coat and boots, hiding behind a tree.

Again, disturbing references to childhood are raised; the body could be child or woman, but the white socks and shoes suggest a youth, rather than an adult. Bellmer chose to carefully hand-tint each photograph, and his choice of the pink and yellow aniline dyes was a nod to the erotic postcards of the time.

However, his choice of red for the body suggests violation, while the yellow tinted forest suggests a feeling of sickness. The overall feeling is one of a sick fairy tale, where the woods hold the fears of violation, threat, and observation.

Do you dare me to sit in the saucer? More Important Art.


die puppe die von hans bellmer

Hans Bellmar was a surrealist artist who is considerably less well known than his peers, and for a reason: you see, Mr. Bellmar had it in for younger women, most of all, a younger niece I believe , and in several of the doll photographs and sculptures this young woman was the inspiration. Upon receiving this beautiful little book I showed it to my better half who said to me after a British documentary, "Is it crazy that I liked the work of that pedophile guy they mentioned? So where does that leave you, if you want to track this thing down? Well, it was released a little over a decade ago in this terrific little book and can be found anywhere online for a decent price a bargain considering the content. Just misogynists?


Hans Bellmer


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