This illuminating book proves that Jesus was a true Prophet of Islam, proving that he never claimed to be the Son of God and that he predicted the coming of our Prophet by name. In witness with Muslims a Christian evangelist will often find that they raise the subject of the Gospel of Barnabas. If you should express surprise to hear that such a book actually exists they will press home their contentions all the more, declaring that your ignorance of the book is a sure sign that the Church has forcefully suppressed its teaching. He mentioned a Spanish translation in the possession of the Moriscoes in Africa which no longer exists apart from a few known extracts , and an Italian translation in the library of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Since the beginning of this century, when an Arabic translation became well known in the Islamic world, Muslim scholars and writers have made much of the book. Since then approximately copies have been printed in Pakistan.

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Why did the Christians hide the gospel of Barnabas? I remember one of my first conversations with a Muslim very well. It was part of the Injil New Testament , but then the Church suppressed it. You can read there that Jesus predicted the coming of the prophet Muhammad.

This Gospel tells the true story of the life of Jesus Christ. The Christians hid it because it shows that Jesus is indeed the prophet as described by Islam. Here are the conclusions I have drawn. He wrote that there existed a translation in Spanish which no longer exists, apart from a few excerpts , and one in Italian.

It was in the library of Prince Eugene of Savoy. The monk had seized the book, had read it and had converted to Islam. In many aspects, this Gospel agrees with the Quran and the Hadith in the following ways: — Jesus denies that he is the Son of God Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 70 — Judas is crucified in the place of Jesus Gospel of Barnabas, chapter — Jesus announces the coming of Muhammad Gospel of Barnabas, chapter Sale did not think that this book was a true Gospel.

The media made it into a sensation among Muslims, who believed they had finally found a document — of supposedly Christian origin — which proved that Jesus is the Issa Al-Massih of Islam and that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah who had been announced. There are, however, internal and external reasons that provide a much stronger basis for such rejection. What are those reasons. By a Jewish man who travelled with Jesus, and that this is a true Gospel. If we were to accept the internal claims of the book, it would have been written by one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

However, the Barnabas mentioned in the Bible does not appear until after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Injil, Acts 4: It is therefore the apostles who gave this man the name of Barnabas. He was certainly not one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, whose names are quoted in two of the Gospels Matthew and Luke 6: Barnabas is not on any of the lists, and his name appears nowhere in the four Gospels. Rejoice, because your name is written in the book of life.

Jesus could not have called Barnabas by his name, since he received it only some time after Jesus ascended to heaven! Here is additional evidence that this book was not written by Barnabas: 2. The linguistic, historical and geographical errors found in the book If Barnabas had indeed been the author of the book, he should have known the essentials of Jewish life in his time.

Let us see if this was the case. When translated into English, both words mean The Anointed. They are the same word! And this word is not unusual, or only used by the intellectual or religious elite.

It is one of the most common words used by Jews and Christians. How could Jesus be Christ and yet, at the same time and in the same book, deny being the Messiah when both terms mean exactly the same thing? Whoever the author of this book was did not even know that the Greek word Christ means Messiah. The real Barnabas was a Hebrew, and he also knew Greek and could not possibly have made this mistake. B The leaders in the first century AD. It alone proves that this book cannot have been inspired by God.

The Christian faith is built on facts. Pilate did not hold power when Jesus was born. It has been historically proven that King Herod and Pilate never ruled Judea at the same time. If the true Barnabas, who lived at the time when Pilate was in power, was the author of this Book he would have known. C Geography In chapters we read that Jesus went to Nazareth by boat and that he was welcomed by the sailors who were there. The Biblical account tells us that Jesus often visited Nazareth and Capernaum, so all his disciples must have know these cities well.

The author of this book could not possibly have been a disciple of Christ, or known anything about the geography of Palestine! Nazareth was not a fishing village, and never had or has been. The fishing village where Jesus went with his disciples is Capernaum and not Nazareth.

There was no way to sail between Nazareth and Capernaum! The author of this book could not have been a disciple of Jesus.

He could not even have lived in that region. What conclusions can we draw from this? These errors do not simply imply that this book was not written by Barnabas in the first century, it demands that we reject the Biblical Barnabas as its author.

When was it written? The book was evidently written in the Middle Ages. The Raggs, in their introduction, asserted that it is a document produced in the Middle Ages — as mentioned above.

According to them, it is the work of an apostate of Christianity, produced between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. B The year of the jubilee In the time of Moses, God commanded the Jews to observe the year of jubilee every fifty years: And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.

It shall be a jubilee for you, when each of you shall return to his property and each of you shall return to his clan. Torah, Leviticus In the year , Pope Boniface VIII declared that the year of the jubilee should be celebrated every hundred years, which is false. The significant point is that there has therefore been a short period of less than 45 years during which it was taught that the year of jubilee was held every hundred years.

Therefore, he must have lived sometime in that year period. The evidence is overwhelming. Yes, there is. C The influence of Dante Dante was a celebrated and popular poet who lived in the fourteenth century, at about the same time as Pope Boniface. For example, the author affirms, like Dante, that there are nine levels of the skies but that paradise is greater than all of them.

I tell you in truth, there are nine heavens between which the planets are. The pains of childbirth took her from the trunk of a palm tree.

This is an assertion that goes against both the Bible and the Koran. TheKoran, on the other hand, never mentions the death of angels, but teaches that on the day of judgment eight angels will carry the throne of Allah Sura F Women Marriage as defined in the Koran binds a woman to a man, but not necessarily a man to a woman. Muslims are allowed to have several wives Koran and may have unlimited number of maidservants Koran I have already mentioned the example in which Jesus is described as Christ, but as not being the Messiah.

Here is another: Jesus predicted his death. In chapter , the author recounts his own version of the moment when Jesus resurrected his friend Lazarus from the dead. The author of the Gospel of Barnabas contradicts himself by making Jesus prophesy his own death and then the same author says that Jesus never died!

The writings of the first teachers of the Church do not mention it anywhere. If its authenticity had been recognized, it should have been cited often during this long period of time. All the other books of the Scriptures are quoted many times. But it is not mentioned once during the years of its supposed existence! The early Islamic writings do not mention it. There is no doubt that many Muslim writers such as Ibn Hasm d. But while there was a strong opposition between Christians and Muslims between the seventh and fifteenth centuries, not one person ever made reference to it.

Modern Muslim scholars reject it. It is not surprising that many Muslim scholars have recently rejected the book, calling it false. They understood that to claim that this book has a divine origin is actually a hindrance to the cause of Islam.

Moreover, there are serious errors in the account he makes of the political and religious situation as it was in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. The book asserts that Issa proclaimed that he was not Christ but that he had come to announce the good news of the coming of Muhammad who would be the Christ.

It is therefore logical that the great modern professor Dr. The big question is: Who is the author of this book? We have seen that the author did not master the language, history and geography of the time of Jesus. We have also seen that the book contains several ideas dating from the fourteenth century, and that the evidence furnished by the manuscripts takes us back to the fifteenth century.

Who is the author? It is probably an apostate from Christianity. Another suggests that the author was the Catholic monk Fra Marino himself, who, it is said, had converted to Islam to avenge himself for having been disgraced by Pope Sixtus V.

What we know is that it could not have been written by Barnabas. This work is far from being an authentic narrative of the life of Jesus written in the first century, it is a document made during the Middle Ages. The only true accounts of the life of Jesus we have are found in the New Testament. The four Gospels of the Bible are reliable and historically accurate records, carefully copied and preserved through the centuries so that we can have confidence in knowing who the Saviour is and what He has done to save us.

It presents us with a set of historical inaccuracies and a self-contradicting fraud dressed up as a gospel. It is not the same as King Herod who reigned when Jesus was born.

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