Have alien "gods" been manipulating humans into warring with each throughout human history? Author: William Bramley Reviewed by Theresa Welsh I first read The Gods of Eden some years back the book was first published in and it made an impression on me as being a bit different from the other alternate history works I had read. At various times over the years I have picked it up and reread a chapter here or there. But recently I decided to read the whole book again, and this time I realized I had not fully appreciated the high level of research with references, bibliography and Index as well as the original reasoning and conclusions of this book which has since become a classic of this genre. Searching for an Answer to an Age-Old Question This is not just another "ancient astronauts" sensational work.

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There are many examples of individual greatness yet collectively the value of the human species might seem debatable. While claiming to be rational they have long acted mainly upon the basis of uninformed emotion of the basest kind, and their collective actions have been so far from rational as to indicate some kind of mass insanity, especially in the last hundred years.

War, genocide and conflict seem to have been a prominent part of the human condition since at least years ago when marauding armies sacked the cities of Mesopotamia. How is this inhumanity throughout human history to be explained?

Here is some information and comment relating to the thesis put forward by William Bramley in The Gods of Eden that the basic cause of war, genocide and conflict in history is not a viciousness innate in the human species or even in the male part of it but rather is the less-than-benevolent interference in human affairs by extraterrestrials members of a race which had its origin other than on Earth.

These ETs allegedly assume, when it suits their purposes, the forms of angels. But far from being angelic, they regard humans as their property and the Earth as an exploitable resource somewhat like multinational corporations — is there a connection?

Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm? This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm. However, his research eventually led him to what he shares in this book: evidence that alien visitors have conspired to dominate humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time. In this remarkable, shocking and absolutely compelling work Bramley presents disturbing evidence of an alien presence on Earth - extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time Even though some of the ideas and details presented may seem extraordinary, the extremely well researched book makes a solid case and could lead even disbelievers to question their own orthodox.

Highly recommended. Huber uc. Will the human race finally admit to what it has known all along and are we evolved enough to handle the truth? So contends Bramley, after spending seven years researching this fascinating read. In spite of all our intellectual achievements, our unending need for conflict from our wars to presidential assassinations, is the ultimate conspiracy to keep humanity bound in chains. He says: There are few subjects today as full of false information, deceit, and madness as "flying saucers.

Suffice it to say that behind this smokescreen there is ample evidence of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth. This is too bad. An in-depth study of the UFO phenomenon reveals that it does not offer a happy little romp through the titillating unknown. The UFO appears more and more to be one of the grimmest realities ever confronted by the human race. If not we must fall back on conventional explanations of human history, which seem not to provide adequate explanation. Does the evidence of archaeology show that human history, indeed, only makes sense in the context of our creation by ETs?

If there are such ETs, are they of one kind, two kinds or many kinds? Bramley does not suggest that more than one kind of ET may be involved, though if one kind why not more than one? Still, one is enough, though presumably the universe contains many forms of intelligent life. If there are two or more kinds, do they tend to cooperate among themselves or is there conflict among them? Zecharia Sitchin claims that there were rivalries and conflicts among the Anunnaki , which partly explains the origin of war on Earth.

What is the relation between these ETs and the major and minor religions of the past and present? Bramley asserts that the major religions with the possible exception of Buddhism , or what he calls the "custodial" religions, were in fact ET-founded or at least were subverted by ET influence early on.

Did the concept of the "God" of the Bible actually arise from early humans experience of "the gods" — those who came down in their "sky chariots"? Is it time to completely rethink the theological premises which have so greatly influenced European civilization? What is the relation between these ETs and the influential institutions of the modern world, such as national governments in particular that of the U. Are these institutions partly or wholly under ET influence? What are their real purposes?

Assuming any or all of this to be true, what difference does it make whether we know about it or not, since most of us are not admitted to the back rooms at the Pentagon, to the secret chambers of the Vatican Library, or to the inner sanctums of the central bankers?

Cows and sheep, safely grazing for the moment, might ask: "What difference does it make whether we know what our two-legged controllers are really up to? Is it time to look at the available evidence and take seriously the idea that we are a species created from primitive hominid stock by an advanced extra-terrestrial race?

And to face up to the consequences of this realization? Bramley points out that organized a. Its purpose is to restrict thinking, to make slaves of men and to act as a cause of war, the better to keep mankind in bondage to fear and material distress. To counter the aims of the Brotherhood do not succumb to the solaces of organized religion.

Boycott your churches. Snub your synagogues. Ignore your mosques. Until those preachers come out foursquare for peace and justice, refuse to accept their pitiful propaganda. The Evil One, posing as your deity, teaching you how to pretend to be good rather than actually teaching you how to be good. What kind of morality is silence about that? Ask him. Tell him. The only thing God really cares about is how you treat others. Wars are destructive, and replacing things destroyed in war other than people is profitable for the people who make those things.

These things are not always weapons. Whenever the U. Their inflated fees are ultimately paid for by U. Billions of dollars went from the pockets of U. All wasted. With the economic collapse of the Soviet Union in due to wasting billions on building weapons systems the "Red Menace" disappeared.

New enemies were needed to justify U. Bush declared a "war on terrorism". The U. By a lot of people were beginning to realize that September 11th was a gigantic hoax designed to terrorize the American people into accepting this "war on terror" and the consequent American military expansion. Soon the lie of "Arab terrorists who hate our freedoms" will no longer be effective.

New enemies will be required. It has been suggested that the next enemy will be "the ETs" who presumably also "hate our freedoms". According to Dr Carol Rosin , former corporate manager of Fairchild Industries, Werner von Braun warned that a fictitious ET threat would be used to justify the building of space-based weapons systems. There are probably many varieties of extraterrestrials who have, and have long had, an interest in this planet and the evolution of life thereon.

There are probably other varieties of ET who have a more beneficent attitude toward Earth. But it is not reasonable to suppose that ETs constitute a threat to Earth, unless it be in self-defense now that humans have shown themselves willing to use atomic weapons.

But in the minds of the weapons-builders a "threat" from alien life forms is just what they need to justify their continued development and deployment of space-based weapons systems as usual, at the expense of spending on health, education, etc. Hatonn allegedly is a Pleiadian who is studying our planet. We are fortunate in having a transcription of a discourse delivered by Hatonn, through a human channel, taped April 23, Hatonn , as he makes clear at the end, has pronounced Christian leanings is in fact "in the service of Christ".

Yet both Bramley and Hatonn seem to have similar views concerning paper money and fractional reserve banking Bramley devotes a chapter in The Gods of Eden to "Funny Money" and the activities of the I. Could Hatonn be a benevolent ET if there are such? Might one be mistaken in thinking that the Christian religion was an ET plot put into effect, with such great consequences, because the Chosen People proved inadequate to the fulfillment of the plans of Yahweh Ishkur, or perhaps Enlil himself, in the Sumerian pantheon for world domination?

Clearly in this field of study all is not what it appears to be. Until it was the case in the U. This incarceration could be maintained as long as the authorities deemed fit. And this despite the rights guaranteed to U. Read more in: Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law.


William Bramley

Originally released in , Gods of Eden is a critical look back at our history. It starts in in ancient times and gradually moves forward, giving us information and analysis that we never would have expected. Bramley examines ancient texts, reviewing the UFO phenomenon as it presented itself in pre-history. He interprets writings in a much more literal fashion then most historians and fails to excuse their words as metaphor, nonsense or hysterical babble. And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part of the mountain.


Gods of Eden

Someone calling him or herself "Sunlight Publishing" had taken this PDF and made an unauthorized Kindle version from it that was sold at Amazon, although it has since been removed. I do not know who translated it, and I cannot vouch for its quality or accuracy. However, illegal publication of this kind actually harms the author because quality and accuracy cannot be controlled, and what the author wishes to share may be distorted. I am pleased that Avon has made it very inexpensive and easily available, and I am proud to be published by them.


The Gods of Eden

This is a very simple website to say hello and answer a few questions for readers. My written works in those days were one-of-a-kind editions, but sadly they did not stand the test of time. After all, stories about kids with cooties seldom hold interest past the sixth grade. I resumed my literary activities at age twenty-six when I began the research that would culminate in my first book The Gods of Eden. The first hardcover edition was released in I was sure that very few people would read it since I had wandered into strange territory as the result of my attitude of "go where the evidence leads.



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