Open the catalog to page 35 manag e m e n t syst e m s Whatever your wish, Chorus can bring it to life. With just one touch, scenes change: lights can be lowered, roller shutters closed, the temperature raised and the television switched on. Open the catalog to page 36 comman d push-but tons To meet every design whim and every practical requirement, the commands are available in a number of versions and colours. Traditional, electronic or touch commands: a complete range offering high technological and design content, to give the electrical system that touch of interior decoration and style. Three shades that mirror the tastes and character of everyone, creating the perfect colour combinations for every room.

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This system is characterised by the functional-type association between its elements. In fact, unlike the traditional electrical installation where each function requires its own, dedicated circuit the BUS system uses a common line in order to exchange information commands, statuses , while the power line is connected solely to the loads; this characteristic simplifies the structure of the system, making it flexible and allowing modifications without the need for long interventions to remake the electrical connections.

In addition, the special BUS structure makes the implementation of dedicated group commands extremely simple and fast e. In addition, thanks to the special devices, it is possible to interface the system with the wireless commands of the Chorus RF range, or control the burglar alarm system. The actuator modules also have output contacts to manage the power. The BUS connection is made by means of special coupling terminals, in a simple, quick and safe way. Up to 4 BUS cables can be connected to each terminal, to create the cut-outs.

For technical information contact the Technical Assistance Service or visit gewiss. The network structure may display linear, star and tree configurations, along with hybrid configurations that include any combination of these three within a single line. The BUS line is also used to power the devices. Every BUS The sw tool and the user guide are free downloadable from the Software area in www. Once the sw installation Easy Controller has



Mogul The hexagon, as ancient mathematician Euclid suggested, is a regular shape containing a series of other shapes, including triangles. Villa Belvedere The Lux and Flat plates blend perfectly with the magnificent architectural backdrop of Villa Belvedere. The luxurious feel of the location, is provided by many available comforts and to the refinement of the materials used in the interiors. Call Go to contacts. Generazione o concatenazione su file PDF di tutti gli elaborati per ottenere la relazione generale di progetto.


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