Beck romance swooooon. Everyone s been wondering about Beck s past and it played a major role in the plot development of this story His interactions with his mother, the memories of this childhood were enough to bring even me to tears And I hate crying It was only like one or two tears anyways I think Beck really pushed this book along and it was really enjoyable to see him so integral to the plot. But don t get me wrong, Riley was still kicking ass She had of a mental strength to uphold in this one, ending up being Beck s pillar of strength and it added a different element to the story compared to the previous books And their relationship Can I just say, finally FINALLY Fans have been waiting for this since the beginning and Jana Oliver delivered Riley grew up in the sense that she really took the bull by the horns when it came to fighting for their relationship and Beck learned to open up Ultimately they still had their discrepancies and difficulties but they way they put up with each other, having each other s back through thick or thin really solidified the bond between them I loved almost every minute of it The thing was, there were no major squealey moments I was kinda hoping for those I wanted a jaw dropping moment where I physically had to put down the book for a second and walk away in fit of passionate emotion I didn t get it I was really hoping I would, but I didn t. But there are some shout outs that really have to go out to some of the other characters who actually made me smile with glee or made me want to bawl my eyes out Ori Ah the return of the infamous Fallen angel He was back and bad ass as ever and his new demeanor was killer I totally fell for his righteous act towards the end and what a finish for this guy, let me tell you Bittersweet I kind of fell in love with him a bit So sue me.

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Mar 03, Katy rated it really liked it Three stars for first half. Five stars for second half. Let me start off by saying I was looking forward to this book for one reason and one reason only - Denver Beck. But I have to say, it was pretty much everything else that won me over at the end. I was a bit disappointed with the first half of the book. I know this book was supposed to be about Beck, and it was meant to give us insight on his troubled past, and I understand that it explained why he is the way he is.

BUT for some reason, I Three stars for first half. I felt the first half was a bit out-of-place in this series. The whole series was full of action and drama as Riley and Beck discovered who they were as find their place in the demon trapping business in a complicated world of angel politics.

But the first half took us to the country with depressing parent issues and a murder mystery. Perhaps this would have been better if it had been written as a prequel. But still, I think I would have enjoyed it more if all his history was packaged and presented differently, while the last book focused more on the rest of it. It started getting really good after Beck had what would be as much closure as he would have when he tearily spoke those words to his mother and as everyone headed back to Atlanta.

The the story continued building to pure awesomeness. I think the best written character in this book was Ori. First of all, Beck had me from Chapter 2 of Book 1, and I never strayed from him throughout the whole series. I never trusted Ori when he innocently came into the picture, and I did not swoon over him while everyone was lost by his charming personality.

However, I did always believe that he had feelings for Riley, which made him make some of the decisions he did. It really tied everything about his whole presence in this series together. This book had a lot of character development on already strongly built characters, a plot that managed to stay enact and intriguing throughout the whole series, and the best part, and end that not only ties everything together but comes full circle.


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