Warranty The Fluval External Filter also comes with a three-year warranty. If a part needs to be replaced or repaired, Fluval will do that free of charge. The warranty begins from the day you purchase the filter, so keep ahold of your receipt! Also, note that these warranties are usually voided when the owner of the product does any damage of their own — so be sure to handle your new canister filter with care. The auto prime feature, the quick locking motor housing, and the included instructional DVD all help to ensure even the most novice of users will have no problem setting this up.

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Quite difficult to clean Higher power use In comparison to the and , this Fluval canister filter model has increased pumping power. That increased power also comes with greater power consumption 16W and bigger size 9. Before You Buy A Canister Filter You should bear in mind a few things about their purpose, and what is going to be best for you. As stated, canister filters are powerful, and well suited for larger and more heavily stocked aquariums as they can support high-level water flow and lots of filter media.

The larger and more populated your tank, the stronger the filter you will require. This generally translates to an increase of money you will need to spend, but not always, as there are cases when a less expensive filter can seriously outperform a pricier one on power and efficiency. Most of the time a canister filter can fit right underneath the table you have your tank on, but with a much larger filter, that may not be the case.

You will have to factor in the possibility of increased noise if you get a canister filter, and you will also have to make an investment in time to learn how to setup and maintain the filter. A canister filter is going to be great if you do have a big tank.

The lift lock clamps are a good design addition, as they allow for secure closure of the unit. The filter feels like it will stay upright no matter what, and the plastic is firm and durable to the touch. While it is a tall unit, the weight is manageable at 15lbs. Light enough to move to the sink to do a bit of cleaning. The media baskets are impressively roomy, and will hold a wide range of options for chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration.

You can mix and match for a custom clean to your water. The total media filter capacity is 6. You can use non-ribbed hoses if you prefer, and without much in the way of customizing the hoses to fit the unit either. At least taking everything out of the box is simple.

As noted, the included hoses are sturdy, but not difficult to work with when doing your initial setup. The hassle comes in when you are trying to position the hose output in the appropriate place in your tank. Priming can be tricky, but taking some preliminary steps like filling your filter with dechlorinated water before priming and double checking all your locking mechanisms can go a long way to easing the process.

Once your filter is on, give the priming pump a few pushes, and you should be good to go. Operation With the exception of some of the awful noises it might make during the priming sequence, this filter is very quiet. I had to double check to make certain it was actually working a few times. As long as you have the filter sealed up properly, noise is not going to be an issue for you. If a seal is giving you some hassle, a bit of petroleum jelly usually does the trick as a short term fix.

The pumping power is not exaggerated. This model has an intake strainer that helps reduce potential clogs, and a wide mouth for rapid water siphoning. Speaking of the filter media, the comes with some pre packaged options. Carbon filters come standard and help remove odors and discoloration from tank water without raising phosphate levels in the water.

The also comes with Fluval branded BIOMAX media, which are small ceramic cylinders that allow for even more colonization by good bacteria. Check it out in action here. Cleanup Cleanup on the can take a bit longer than other filters as the process is more involved. Price Are you sitting down? This filter is a bit higher on the price scale. If not, there are alternative models out there that may fit your budget better. You will, of course, have to go through assembling the unit again, but it should be easy the second time around, and priming should be faster as well as long as you follow the previous advice.

A step by step cleaning tutorial can be viewed here. All this and it still is a great price. The catch, you ask? Some report this model as being less sturdy, but by and large, it works well. Good for someone who requires the power but has to be a bit tighter with their purse strings.

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