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Running Mode Option 1: Forward with Brake The vehicle can go forward and brake but cannot reverse in this mode. This mode is usually for racing. This method is for preventing vehicle from being accidentally reversed. After you power on the ESC, if the battery voltage is below Low-Voltage Cutoff Sets the voltage at which the ESC lowers or removes power to the motor in order to either keep the battery at a safe minimum voltage for Lipo batteries.

However, for avoiding losing power in racing due to low voltage, we recommend using this option this still may cause damage to your battery. Option 2: Auto Low Low cutoff voltage, not very easy to get the LVC Protection activated, is applicable to batteries with poor discharge capability. Option 3: Auto Intermediate Medium cutoff voltage, prone to getting the LVC Protection activated, is applicable to batteries with ordinary discharge capability.

Option 4: Auto High High cutoff voltage, very prone to getting the LVC Protection activated, is applicable to packs with great discharge capability. Warning: If you set the Cutoff Voltage to Disabled when you use a LiPo pack, then please pay attention to the power change of your vehicle. Motor Rotation Pull the throttle trigger with the motor shaft faces you, the motor spins counter clockwise if this item is set to CCW; the motor spins clockwise if set to CW.

Do not use this option with high voltage servos; otherwise your servos may not function normally due to insufficient voltage. Do not use this option with ordinary servos; otherwise your servos may be burnt due to high voltage. Brake Force This ESC provides the proportional braking function; the braking effect is decided by the position of the throttle trigger.

Large amount will shorten the braking time but it may damage your pinion and spur. Please select the most suitable brake amount as per your car condition and your preference. Reverse Force Different reverse amount will bring different reversing speed. For the safety of your vehicle, we recommend using a low amount. Start Mode Punch You can choose the punch from level 1 very soft to level 5 very aggressive as per the track, tires, grip, your preference and etc.

Drag Brake Drag brake is the braking power produced when releasing the throttle trigger to neutral zone. This is to simulate the slight braking effect of a neutral brushed motor while coasting. Please apply it cautiously. Excellent performance paired with.


Cooling Fan 5010HB -5V



Ezrun MAX 8 ESC + Program card


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