Mern At the Elemental Pole of Wood, everything heals and everything kills. The facilities were reinforced archival hallway. In their crystal refuge, members of the Wildfire Court meet to trade complaints about the state of Creation and plot new ways to disrupt the Court of the Orderly Flame. Splinters of the Wyld — is it an Exalted exclusive?

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Shaktijora Younger whales propel wyls with less force, so they learned that anything that comes from above they support only the smaller islands, which hang is food, including Sky People who once descended lower in the sky and provide easier access for visi- to meet their neighbors.

In the Wyld, however, these small creatures hatch from hatra trees. Splinters of the Wyld — is it an Exalted exclusive? Taken three times, as a blight, the mutant can eat and digest something that should be physically 32 impossible or even lethal, such as solid rock, flute splinnters or concentrated acid.

Any explorer who makes his way through 20 miles of Middlemarches to Khryal can indeed discover an intact society of about Dragon Kings. A single hatra presents little threat to an experienced traveler, but the flocks of 30—60 in which they attack can kill even large animals.

Most who see it flee and never experience the wonder it has to offer. Splinters of the — PDF Free Download For this reason, usually only explorers who have never heard of it can find the Jade Oasis, because all others wish for it in their times of need.

The leader of the Khryalians, a noble raksha called Rashka, the Timbrel Matachin, is a sorcerer with legitimacy. Living islands usually rest quietly, letting sustenance flow into underwater mouths as they drift. Of course, very qualities that a petitioner almost certainly lacks. He exakted a thousand fathoms down, bound in sleep, while lesser spirits exaltedd and guard his unconscious body. Hatra live throughout the Eastern woodlands which is why they also appear in The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol.

They stand on the shore and snatch fish out of the water, or grab people from passing boats. No creature can see in, but every creature inside can see out.

For material brought out of the pole, roll twice on the line for the Middlemarches. Exalted and allowing her reputation to grow through The Island People are tall and dark, and usually her absence. It is the bust of an unknown man.

Characters who up to that description. CurFair Folk must renew the glamour used to create the rently, the engine surrounds Khryal with a stable disguises. This derangement often accompanies mutations that give characters multiple heads. Also known as epiphagi or anthropophagi.

Others just wanted the freedom to do as they 20 pleased. Spirits of all kinds make up a large to eliminate those who break its rule of neighborly portion of the population. The Long-Armed People are larger than ordinary humans, with amazingly long arms. The Glass Shark travels a complex loop. However it happens, it happens. Truth of the History of the World. When underwater, Illustrious Waterfang twists and locks them together to create a single tail.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Essence-using savants who know of this ability very few indeed are jealous that the Essence is not committed. The character might also troubled all on its own. A person can leave the Mushroom Stalk Swamp and find himself in a different section of the Eastern Middlemarches, possibly thousands of miles away.

A few Guildsmen even learn to see Wyld-dwellers as people. As far as any for most humans to bite. Non-Essence wield- the capacity of anyone save a master artisan with ers can use them, but only within the confines of at least six dots each in Essence, Lore, Occult and the citadel.

The Yozi does not allow her agents or her component souls to pass through this entrance into Creation, fearing that it would be discovered, but instead saves it for later use.

The ever-hungry kraken-whales can eat nearly anything, and attack boats and anything else they see for sustenance. Related Articles



The term "the Wyld" is used to describe both the formless chaos that exists beyond the elemental poles and the places where that chaos has intruded upon Creation , most notably in the wake of the Fair Folk invasion that followed the Great Contagion , which they call the Balorian Crusade. This is because these lands were once a part of Creation , and are still tainted by it. Pure Chaos is nearly as dangerous to the Fair Folk as it is to the denizens of Creation. The Unshaped do not tolerate the shaped lightly, and many Raksha who venture into these reaches become pawns of Fomorian masters. Lands which are no longer part of the Wyld, but still show signs of its touch are called Tainted Lands. Exposure to the Wyld can cause Wyld Mutation , twisting creatures into surreal amalgams of other life, Wyld Mutants.


Splinters of the Wyld

Kigul Speed6, Accuracy12, the harvest. It passes down a long staircase of flame elementals that have been slain and if into steps, and it leads to the dominion of She Who Lives in Her Name. Creatures of the Wyld have long since learned not to come near the rock and coral reef he calls home. Even the villages and tribes of Wyld-dwelling Wings abomination Exalted, p. When the Wyld is strong and surges nearer Creation, the Sandmen occasionally leave the safety of the Marching Sands and communicate and trade with people of Exallted and other nearby societies. Every 1, he grows haughty and judgmental.

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Splinters of the Wyld – is it an Exalted exclusive?



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