His single mother works constantly, but can barely support her adopted kids. They have moved again, into an apartment so tiny that Erec sleeps with the washing machine. And worse, there is a strange force in Erec that makes him to do odd things. No matter how hard he fights it, his urge to obey grows until it is impossible to resist. Usually, it makes him do good things, like putting pillows at the bottom of stairs moments before his sister crashes down. But what if, someday, he is made to do something terrible?

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After discovering the magical Lower Earth when a cloudy thought commanded him to search for his mother, Erec enters its magical realm and a thrilling life he was destined to lead. Erec assumed he was orphaned, but in The Search for Truth, he discovers his father is the alive King Piter, resulting in him being royalty. Appearance Edit Erec had curly blond-white hair and green eyes, but his adoptive mother, June, had changed his appearance. From his first time of making a hole in the Substance, Erec has a permanent gray streak in his hair.

He always wears his Amulet of Virtues acquired from completing his first quest of the twelve to become king in The Monsters of Otherness. After using it, he has a deep craving for its immense power. When Baskania fatally wounded him, Aoquesth gave his other eye to Erec before he died. Erec is the only person ever to have dragon eyes. After receiving both dragon eyes, Erec will sometimes undertake a Dragon Transformation. When doing so, his Cloudy Thoughts show the future and the Substance.

He can also use the Dragon Call, a ancient power only very few Dragons can use, depsite the fact Erec is half Dragon and half Human. Erec can make a hole in the Substance to create a portal to the Nevervarld like he did in book 3 in order to complete his quest. He enters a mediation-like state,and enters a black room.

He proceeds into a smaller black room, and then another. There is a table in the third black room, which has a small box. When opened, it shows the future. Erec is often scared to preform this feat from all the chaos of the future it shows. Ghost Resistance- Erec cannot be harmed by Ghosts. This ability comes from his family lineage. Magic- Erec is able to do finger magic without a remote control.

Relation Edit Bethany Cleary - Erec meets Bethany when one of his cloudy thoughts force him to find his mother. Bethany claims that she had seen two burly men forcing her into a secret passageway that Gerard, the hot dog man, opens if someone says a code. Bethany explains that she is trying to escape his mistreating uncle, helping him to enter the mysterious place. From continuously watching people entering it in front of oblivious eyes, Bethany remembered the phrase to get in.

Bethany and Erec join the.


The Search for Truth




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