Change clips in bin from to aspect or vice versa by right clicking, properties, there you can change the field order and the thumbnail of the clip Change clips audio from stereo to left mono or right mono by right clicking, properties Place any effect at the beginning or end of any clip by expanding the clip on timeline to reveal keyer section, drag any effect to the left of the keyer area for a fade in or fly in etc. Crop and Stretch any clip by right clicking, Layout Quickly move from edit point to edit point on timeline with page up and down buttons. The duration of the fade can be set in preferences, V-mute duration. To fade out an audio clip the same way, the timeline cursor must be moved left by 1 frame from the end of the clip.

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A few months back we had a dream of creating the most advanced photo editing keyboard for Edius, so we put our heads together and worked with thousands of designers just like you from around the world, to come up with the ultimate backlit design keyboard. The Edius backlit keyboard from KB Covers is a backlit keyboard that provides you with faster editing capabilities than a typical keyboard. This keyboard gives you fast access to all of the shortcuts in a color coded layout, saving you the hassle of referring to manuals, menus, and tool-bars.

Each key has a standard letter or symbol for typing; however, most of the keys are colored and labeled with a shortcut to speed up your process. In addition, all of the Edius keyboard keys are backlit so you can clearly see them if you are working in a dimly lit or dark room.

The best way to clean your silicone keyboard cover is with luke warm water and mild soap if necessary. Shake off water and air dry. Do not put in the dishwasher, washing machine, or expose to extreme temperatures. Also do not use harsh detergents or chemicals on the cover as it may damage it. Find Similar Products by Category.


Most used Edius Keyboard Shortcuts

Location: Aberdeen Posts: 81 I confirm your findings Johnny, and confirm crossfade behaviour has got worse with E6. I do not have a fix but to add more info: Many years ago with E3, there was a KB shortcut that applied the default crossfade without adding a transition if the settings were ticked accordingly This feature got broken with the release of E4. Then every time you select the audio of a clip and press the KB shortcut defined for "Paste Transition Out Point ", a crossfade is applied between the clip and the next assuming sufficient header material. Major pain when you regularly want to copy color correction filters plus also want to apply crossfades. As mentioned, this worked perfect with E3. The behaviour is intermittent, working once or a few times then stops applying any more despite clipboard not being overwritten also plenty header material.


Edius Keyboard

We actively monitor the prices offered by our competitors daily and adjust our own pricing accordingly. Have you found it cheaper? Unfortunately we no longer sell this product The product details shown, are provided for historical reference only. Check out our suggestions Shipping Calculator Please enter your UK postcode or select different country above Check Estimated Shipping Terms and conditions The prices shown are an estimate based on the purchase of a single item with nothing else in your basket. The prices and options do not include shipping regulations and duties which will be checked in the checkout process. At CVP we always strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but in the interest of clarity please note that next day is defined as the next working day ie: excluding weekends, UK bank holidays and public holidays.


EDIUS Keyboard - Backlit PC


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