Laptops by Lori Grunin Aug 28, I do not use it as my prime photo editing monitor, but even if I did I think it would perform well. The combination of advanced LCD technology and the range of added features make the FP an ideal display for any user. Power Device Nominal Voltage. Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money by Lori Grunin. Design and form factor. Which monitors are worth buying?

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Click to expand All new FPs come with a three year warranty directly from Dell. I prefer the matte plastic because it gives off no glare, which could be a problem at times with the glossy case on my Samsungs, when the lights were on.

The monitor weighs about 15 pounds and feels solidly constructed. The stand on the FP is silver. It has hole at the bottom of the stand that helps with cable management. The stand on the FP is height adjustable. The stand offers swivel and tilt adjustment as well in case you want to show a colleague something. Perhaps most importantly, the FP can be rotated and viewed in either landscape or portrait mode.

THAT gets my vote!! Count me as biased, but when I see any short post person, like you, doing a very long post on an old monitor But a google search might turn up still lower prices; the clear risk being whether or not the unit is one of the IPS units.

That seems to be the risk; i. Most column based websites like the New York Times or Cnet for example fill the screen with no extra space on the sides. The vertical resolution allows you to see more than twice as much as a HD screened notebook. Being that the FP is almost seven years old, it does not have the latest and greatest as far as connectors is concerned.

That might be important for someone who wants to connect their Xbox or Playstation to the FP. The FP measures The screen is matte, which means there should be no annoying reflections when using it. The resolution on the FP is x, which means it has an old school resolution. Some of us were raised on screens and still prefer them.

What does this mean for the average user? Having said that, the image quality on the FP is terrific. It looks fantastic. Contrast on the screen is very high at Colors are rich and vivid. Colors look natural too, not overly amped up that can be seen on some newer LCDs that have the contrast set too high. It looked great out of the box.

The FP also offers its buyers wide viewing angles. You can look at it from any angle and it always looks the same. The FP has the matte coating to diffuse reflections, but every once in a while, particularly on white backgrounds you can see a bit of sparkle from the matte coating.

The response time on the on the FP is a very ish 16ms. If you want to buy the FP for gaming purposes, the slow response should be taken under advisement. Google maps would be an example of this.

With the sidebar open, it takes up more than half the space. The FP uses a bulb for the backlight. If my FP is any indication, the FPs will probably dim at least some over time. The FP has four menu buttons on the front, in the lower right corner.

The inner most button lets you toggle through the input settings. The menu on the FP is fairly basic and does not give users much control. While the menu does not give you much control over the FP, the Dell looks great out of the box and I only cranked up the brightness in the menu. If you need to tweak it more, the Windows or GPU settings should allow for some fine tuning. The FPs has been a great purchase. Those two years I was stuck at x I call the dark times and is the reason I bought the FPs.

In addition to being very internet friendly, the FPs offer top quality construction, a tasteful design and great image quality. You also get a solid warranty from Dell. Professionals needing the optimum image quality will probably spend more than the FPs cost. Meaning I hope the screen is IPS quality. Impossible to figure out from the Amazon info.


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