Um was geht es im Urantia Buch? Und und vieles, vieles mehr Auszuge Gott Gott ist der Ursprung und die Bestimmung von allem, was gut, schon und wahr ist [S. Urantia [die Erde] ist euer Startort. Es gibt ein genaues System, ein universales Gesetz, das die Entfaltung des planetarischen Lebensplanes auf den Spharen des Raums bestimmt. Es ist nicht sein Wille, dass auch nur einer umkomme.

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I have been reading it, on and off, since It is the most complete, informative, reassuring, stimulating, mind-blowing, and inspiring book I have ever read.

This book becomes a best friend that you always want near at hand. I have read it cover to cover a couple of times, and I have read sections over and over. I always interpret it in new ways, gaining new insights with every read. The Urantia Book has been a shaping force in my life and my identity.

The truths contained in this book have guided me through the hardest times and helped me appreciate and value the best times. The authors paint the bigger picture for you, then show you how to find your place in that grand picture.

It is not purely religious or philosophical as it provides concrete ways to see, believe, live, and act, in order to become a better person and find happiness, meaning, and fulfillment. Like great art, it only gets better with time.

For many years, I read it section by section--choosing subjects that interested mebefore reading it through. That final section reads more like a narrative; it is particularly inspiring and easy to get into. There are many crazy rumors about this book, spread by people who know nothing about it. Ignore all that, and judge for yourself. It is very much about God, Jesus, angels, the order of the universe, and truth. It is not, in itself, a religion and it espouses no rituals other than personal prayer conducted in your own way, in private.

It is not an exclusive belief system and is compatible with other open-minded religious beliefs or faiths. It was written mostly in the s and 40s and was published in it is not a new age book. Some people who like this book are drawn to new age type books and many others are not. This book appeals to no particular culture, class, or creed.

I have met women and men in equal numbers, young and old, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Interfaith people, scientists, bankers, teachers, actors, doctors, computer engineers, people of different colors, straight and gay, liberal and conservative, northern, southern, urban and country dwellers.

After reading the book for 20 years, I wanted to discuss it with other readers who are hard to find, by the way! I was afraid that there would be weird hippies in purple tie-dye forcing herb tea on me, but to my surprise, there were real normal people drinking strong coffee in a beautiful loft.

After a few meetings, I realized I was the weirdest person in the group. As a professional writer and editor, I can assure you that the writing and editing is of the highest possible quality.

At the very least, you will see that it is completely uniqueunlike any book ever written. It is also a beautifully researched, highly consistent book that covers fascinating subjects with great depth. It introduces many new concepts, but there is a pervading logic and reason throughout that makes perfect sense to people like me, who have never been completely satisfied with answers found elsewhere, or who just could not find answers to certain questions anywhere else.

This book has not answered all my questions, but amazingly enough, it has answered most of them, and I am someone with a helluva lot of questions!

Happy travels through the infinitely satisfying terrains of the Urantia Book!


Das Urantia Buch.

Is it light tracing an object or the shape a body throws when it comes between a light source and a surface? Is it a metaphor for the intimate, darker side of a persons nature, the unconscious side of ones self, where daemons and secrets are kept hidden or repressed? Is it an allegorical place or state of being, somewhere between darkness and light, living and dying? Or is it a state of illusion, like Platos cave? Is it a verb that means to follow or accompany, or even to spy on? Shadows, a new collaborative series by Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves, explores the real and symbolic nature of the shadow as image and figure of speech. Grants photographs capture Reevess shadow at times as a silhouette and at others as traces of light as he and the camera move together.


Das Urantia Buch.



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Das Urantia Buch


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