Page 2 High voltage inside. Risk of electric shock. Turn power OFF and unplug power cord from machine before cleaning Do not attempt repairs. Repairs must be made by authorized Cummins Allison personnel. Use grounded plug supplied and properly grounded outlet. Read and understand all instructions before use.

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Risk of electric shock. Turn power OFF and unplug before performing preventive maintenance. Customer must provide grounded power line protected by properly grounded amp circuit breaker in compliance with applicable local electrical code.

Plug three-prong grounded plug supplied into properly grounded three-prong outlet. Page 3 Setup During setup, use a clean, lint-free towel to remove dispensed oil from the sorting pad. Do not allow oil to remain on sorting disk. Getting Started 1. Plug the machine into an electrical outlet. Turn on JetSort. The JetSort should be in a Batch Ended condition. Page 4 Set Coins per Oil The frequency setting at which oil is dispensed depends upon the number of coins processed.

An average setting is four or five, which is one drop of oil for every 4, or 5, coins processed. The range can be set between one and Page 5 Information is subject to correction or change without prior notice. This manual contains proprietary information of Cummins Allison. It is intended solely for the information and use of parties authorized by Cummins Allison to maintain the equipment described herein. Such proprietary information may not be used, reproduced, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without express written permission of Cummins Allison.


CUMMINS ALLISON JetSort Series Setup Instructions

The JetSort acts as the host to the JetScan or JetCount and can display and print machine totals, depending on how these functions are programmed through setup. Note the following key functions while navigating through the setup screens. With cursor on bottom line, scrolls forward through selection options. In order to connect a JetScan or JetCount, baud rate, stop bits and parity must be set. The exact settings for baud rate, stop bits and parity are irrelevant as long as the JetSort settings match the JetScan or JetCount settings. Press and hold key


CUMMINS ALLISON JetSort 1000 series Operating Instructions Manual

Page 2 1. The chart below is a quick reference to navigating through JetSort setup screens using the keypad. Key Names Page 3 3.


JetSort 2000 Coin Sorter and Counter


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