Mikalmaran I am an administrator on the server. But I think it needs the help of some PDF managers as well. The error is on a temp report file. Please do not post code, scripts or snippets. This snippet demonstrates the workaround: Hope it helps, Harland G. In your case I would expect it to be somewhere in the official temp dir of Windows.

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You are free to use it for commercial as well as non-commercial use at your own risk, but you cannot use it for posting on blogs or other tutorial websites similar to www. Thank you for visiting this website. I try to convert the c code to vb.

Dim fname As String. Any way to remove the toolbars from the exported PDF? I tend to think this could be a problem with some DLLs not being registered okay.

All the reports are built in either Crystal 8. I will try to answer 2 of the questions above 1 in CR10 constant for HTML format is 7 2 to use stream rather than making a trip to Hard Drive each time do this:. I think the error in file points to an non existent directory or the lack of rights to write to the directory. I am using crystal reports 9. Tables what expoetformattype this myTable?

And here I found your article. FirstHow to pass the server login info from code I exportformattpye no idea Any code help is highly appreciated.

Let me share what I found. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Is it possible to create the. I create CRReport 2. End End With with tweaking you can exportformattyps all formats to open directly in browser without cluttering server unfortunately none of my advanced reports translates to excel or word with enough precision if there is a way to influence this issue please let me know. Close to create a PDF file which I then download to the user. It is possible to export report into PDF and send as attachment in email.

We recently upgraded from 8. This site makes use of Cookies. May 22, This parameter is explained below. Hi, i have used the above code but the code is throwing an exception in the line selectedReport. Any code help is highly appreciated. I Set read and write permission for Authenticated users on Files folder in the server.

Dim mytable As CrystalDecisions. How do i export a report with parameters? Is there any other solution pls? I tried in many way and I found this code on http: Here is my code fro converting and printing CR:. Does you app have the rights to scratch in that dir? But not to text. The export button of the report page open the Export page. PortableDocFormat, Response, true, defaultname.

Dim mylogin As CrystalDecisions. TOP Related Articles.


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