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So, when you get a whole bunch of text from a schedule getting stuck half way over another schedule it drives you crazy. Software runs fast on a basic desktop computer. That I will try! Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank. Comvert, I have a client that would rather redraw my plans in AutoCad than work with the exported file. Thanks, I remembered what to. For professionals this software is really donvert. SoftPlan Features Architecture Features. Home Architecture Software SoftPlan.

Customer support is lacking. Overall very happy with the software. Foundation stepped pony walls easiest way. Customer support Professional looking drawings Ability to draw any plan Easy of making changes, adds, deducts etc.

Recommendations to other buyers: Upgrade prices are very high for a small contractor. Customer support is cohvert good. Easy of use and professional. Hey Steve, the fix could be simple or t may be more complex. If there are any known issues with this transition I would like to know up front. Login to Give a bone. View full list of 3D Architecture Software. I am a registered architect practicing for converg 30 years in large and small offices.

Perhaps selecting a different layer naming option from the Export Options would give him what he wants. The professional webspace for SoftPlan users. Learning curve was too long Expensive updates needed on a regular basis Difficulty in doing certain things. You said that it is only this one person who has a problem with the exported files so finding out what he has a problem with is the first step. I assume that the colors selected for the layers will determine the pens that are used by AutoCad?

Easy to paint and add texture to elevations or 3d. SoftPlan to Dwg conversion If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there. Adding 2nd Floor system. You get softplzn opposite problem — everything is in illogically nested blocks. Electrical plan, Plumbing Riser Plan.

Switch back to drawing mode. It can be very time consuming. Fast, smart and easy to use, the only snag is that demo version does not allow you the real feel like Archicad! SoftPlan Reviews Recently Reviewed!

I forgot to add that you also. I have not worked with that software. They convert it, on their end, to DWG and for the most part it works out ok. Softplan By cmvdesigns in forum Revit Architecture — General. View full list of Architecture Software.

Not very easy to use for small commercial. Documentation Webinars Live Online. TOP Related Articles.


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