Prepare for exams and succeed in your mathematics allgebra with this comprehensive solutions manual! Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Only problem is that some proofs are vague and hard to understand, need some times to figure them out. He has published over articles and authored six books.

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Customer Book Reviews Excellent text. I rarely come across books for upper-level By Kac on May 03, Excellent text. I rarely come across books for upper-level math courses that are this well written.

Good pacing, consistent level of difficulty between in-chapter examples and homework problems, and nice inclusion of practical applications. Avoid at all costs. My user name is slightly out of date, perhaps.

The text does a reasonable job of discussing abelian groups, and there are some interesting applications of elementary group theory. The order in which the material is presented is unforgivable. Homomorphisms are delayed until Chapter 10, after a chapter on normal subgroups.

Examples of non-abelian groups beyond dihedral groups are rare. For some reason lemmas are not numbered in the book. Theorems 6. In the end, I wrote my own notes on multiple topics and distributed these to the students to supplement their reading.

The cost is prohibitive, and the differences between the 8th to the 9th editions are minimal. I will never teach Group Theory from this book again. What is so great about these newer books is more examples worked out and more exercises. I love to work the exercises -- I learn as much from that as from the lectures and regular homework. Scaletta on Nov 23, This book is great for a decent first introduction to modern algebra, but it must be accompanied by a more dense book to truly allow the reader an opportunity to learn algebra.

Actually, I prefer it over Hungerford. There are still proofs involved in the exercises. Excellent for an Easy Start! For the price used , it was very reasonable, and a nice addition to my collection of math texts. How this managed to come on the market, I continue to wonder. This is marketed as a "supplement to the answers in the textbook.

By Robert Allen on Jan 14, Like most textbooks on abstract algebra group theory , this book has no reason for existence. In short, the book provides no understanding of the subject, for the author does not know how to start from the beginning and build. If his book is any indication of the way he teaches, I would hate to be one of Mr.

Gallian does not care about his reader. Two circumstances support this: Mr. This shortcoming is not unique to Mr. Gallian, for I tried at least four other sources before finding one which starts at the beginning. The discussion of the computation of Aut Z10 is incomprehensible, again due to Mr. Gallian apparently expects us to intuit that because an isomorphism takes an element from order K to another element of order K, U 10 is isomorphic to AutZ Gallian to do. Incidentically, Mr.

I should not have to remind Mr. Gallian that abstraction is engendered from the concrete. He has been teaching long enough to know this. Books like his are one of the reasons why people are turned off to math in general. I am still looking for a good read clear, logical, organized textbook on abstract algebra group theory.

This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. It was published by Cengage Learning and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.





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