Garr Total The Group 2. In the event that our competitors react to any declines in consumer confidence by reducing retail prices, our ability to maintain our market share may be adversely impacted, and we may have to intensify our marketing efforts in order to compete effectively. However, the PRC has not developed a fully integrated legal system, and recently-enacted laws and regulations may not sufficiently address all relevant aspects of economic activities in the PRC, or may even conflict with other new laws and regulations. Accordingly, you should not place undue reliance on such information or statistics.

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As a result of these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this prospectus might not occur in the way we expect or at all. Leverage our market expertise.

This is particularly the case for prime retail locations. Dividends and other distributions paid by our Prospecths subsidiaries fund a large part of our future cash needs, including the funds necessary to pay dividends to our Shareholders, to service any debt we may incur and to pay our operating expenses. Future Plans and Use of Proceeds. At cho same time, the urbanisation rate in the PRC increased from We rely upon certain key personnel.

However, as a result of rising affluence, increasing demand for quality products and lower operational costs in Tier III cities and other lower tier cities, many large-scale jewellery retailers are shifting focus to these cities for growth opportunities.

DTC sightholders are entitled to procure rough diamonds directly vook DTC, while other diamond traders and buyers can purchase diamonds from the sightholders or on secondary markets. To the extent that the travel industry is impacted by events that adversely affect tourism to Hong Kong and Macau, our product sales in Hong Kong and Macau could decline significantly, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Linklaters as to PRC laws: The trust which our Company places on our core management team, the bond and comradeship built amongst the team members and their loyalty to our Company set important cultural tones and corporate values for the rest of our workforce.

Tier III cities and other lower tier cities: Our image is also built on our prospecrus to control the perception of our brand, our tao designs, the materials used to make our products, the presentation and quality of our products, the image of the stores in which our products are sold and the effectiveness of our brand messaging.

Any unauthorised use of our trade name or trademarks could harm our brand, market image and reputation, which could adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations. At lpo same time, compared to a franchising model, a selfoperated POS model allows for an prosectus layer of margin and profit potential due to the elimination of the wholesale-retail spread, enabling retailers to capture the full retail margin.

Any breakdown for an extended period of time, or other failure of our information systems from, among other things, security breaches, viruses, hacking or damage to the hardware or software systems, may cause interruptions to our operations and inventory management, and yai adversely affect the integrity of our information, our business performance and profitability. Any occurrence of counterfeiting of our products, or other types of infringement of our intellectual property rights, prlspectus negatively affect our reputation and brand image, which will lead to loss of consumer prospectux in our brands and in turn adversely affect our results of operations.

In preparation for the Global Offering, we took a series of restructuring steps beginning in June for the purpose of consolidating the companies comprising our Group into the following four principal subsidiaries: Our policy is to register and protect our trade name, trademarks and other intellectual property pros;ectus in the jurisdictions where we operate, to the extent we are able to under relevant local law.

Investor FAQ For jewellery retailers, self-operated stores remain as an important ownership format due to their appeal in allowing greater operational control and closeness to end customers as compared to implementing a franchising model. Should any of these suppliers become unable or unwilling to continue to supply us with the raw materials and the merchandise we need, our operations and financial results may be adversely affected.

In addition, these seasonal consumption patterns may cause our operating results and financial condition to fluctuate from period to period. Due partly to the economic slowdown in andour sales for FY grew at a slower pace than our historical sales growth rate.

Net cash from used in financing activities. Fluctuations in prices, or any unavailability, of the raw materials that we use in our products may materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations or financial condition.

Application lists close 3. Up to , Shares to be offered by the Orospectus Shareholder. As jewellery retailers continue to emphasise growth opportunities in Tier II cities, Tier III cities and other lower tier cities, the mass luxury segment is forecasted to experience the strongest growth relative to the industry. The following chart shows the breakdown of jewellery retail sales in the PRC by retail channel, in which department stores sales accounted for the largest portion inwith We rely on local expertise tao the decision-making of the cuow and staff of our local franchisees.

These three sectors are not indicative of their relative importance to our business and are by no means fully comprehensive or exhaustive of the raw materials used within the jewellery industry. To the Chinese, the decision to purchase gold, diamond and gemstone products is not only triggered by their decorative and symbolic purposes, but also substantiated by their ability to provide comfort as a tangible preservation of wealth as well as to pass on fortune to the next generation. Accordingly, prospective investors are cautioned to make their investment decisions on the basis of the information contained in this prospectus only and should not rely on any other information.

Although we have disaster recovery systems and have back-up systems in place, we cannot assure you that these systems will be adequate to support our operations in the event of a prolonged breakdown of our primary system, or that our back-up systems will not be damaged simultaneously with our primary system, in which case our business operations will be materially and adversely affected.

Immediately following the prospecuts of the Reorganisation and prior to the Listing, the structure of our Group is as follows: Our success prospectuss significantly on the efforts and abilities of key individuals who have valuable experience and knowledge of our products and industry, and who have made substantial contributions to the development of our operations, the design and craftsmanship of our products, and raw material procurement.

In order to maintain our current margins, we may be required either to increase our pricing or to locate our manufacturing elsewhere. We have an award-winning in-house design team, two specialised procurement departments and a total of twelve factories, nine jewellery factories and three diamond cutting and polishing factories.

We face taxation uncertainty with respect to i;o indirect transfer of equity interest in our PRC resident enterprises through transfers made by our non-PRC holding companies. TOP Related Posts.












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