Hбlбt adunk Szent-hбromsбg Istenьnknek, hogy Szent Lelke бltal mind elmйlyьltebb kцzцssйg felй vezet minket. Az цkumenikus egyьttmыkцdйs gazdag formбit sikerьlt megхriznьnk. Vйtkeink tudatбban йs megtйrйsre kйszen azon kell fбradoznunk, hogy a kцzцttьnk mйg fennбllу feszьltsйgeket megszьntessьk, s ez бltal kйszek йs kйpesek legyьnk az evangйlium ьzenetйt a nйpek kцzцtt kцzцsen йs hitelesen hirdetni. A megismert igazsбg szerint minden ember elхtt bizonysбgot kнvбnunk tenni a szeretetrхl йs a remйnyrхl, mйgpedig ъgy, hogy kцzцsen hallgatunk Istennek a Szentнrбsban hangzу Igйjйre, elkцtelezzьk magunkat kцzцs hitьnk megvallбsбra йs az egyьttes cselekvйsre. Eurуpai kontinensьnkцn, az Atlanti-parttуl az Uralig, az Йszaki-sarktуl a Fцldkцzi-tengerig terjedх tйrsйgben, ahol minden korбbbinбl nagyobb mйrtйkben van jelen a plurбlis kultъra, az evangйlium segнtsйgйvel lйpьnk fel az emberi szemйly mint Isten kйpmбsa mйltуsбgбйrt, egyhбzakkйnt pedig kцzцsen kнvбnjuk elхsegнteni a nйpek йs kultъrбk kцzцtti megbйkйlйst.

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Dijinn English Choose a language for shopping. Without common values, unity cannot endure. In his name we intend to continue on our common path in Europe. The Charta has no teaching or Church law demands and the Vatican is not committed to it. They commit themselves to urge humane acceptance of immigrants in Europe. This volume examines the role of the Christian churches at various levels of that process. The ecumenical movement has already helped to spread reconciliation.

Reconciliation involves promoting social justice within and among all peoples; above all, this means closing the gap between rich and poor and overcoming unemployment. Both organisations represent almost all Reformed, Orthodox and Catholic Christians on the continent. The Churches reject the criticism of the Charta that it is not binding. We ask God for forgiveness for anti-Jewish attitudes among Christians, and we ask our Jewish sisters and brothers for reconciliation.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. The poor become their special commitment. The divisions in Christianity shall in the long term be overcome: We want to oecunenica seriously the critical questions of others, and try together to conduct fair discussions with them.

We confess our share of responsibility for this guilt and ask God and our fellow human beings for forgiveness. In some European countries they constitute strong minorities. At the same time, responsibility for the poor throughout the world was emphasised. We are convinced that the spiritual heritage of Christianity constitutes an empowering source of inspiration and enrichment for Europe. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Various forms of ecumenical co-operation have already proved themselves.

We likewise insist on the reverence for life, the value of chartx and the family, the preferential option for the poor, the readiness to forgive, and in all things compassion. Only in this way can church communion be given a theological foundation. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Ecumenism therefore begins for Christians with the renewal of our hearts and the willingness to repent and ooecumenica our ways. In addition, growing numbers of people reject the Christian faith, are indifferent to it or have other philosophies of life.

As churches we intend to join forces in promoting the process of democratisation in Europe. Yet a distinction must be made between the communities with which dialogues and encounters are to be sought, and those which should be warned against from the Christian standpoint.

Our common endeavours are devoted to evaluating, and helping to resolve, political and social issues in the spirit of the Gospel. Share your thoughts with other customers. We would like to intensify encounters between Christians and Muslims and enhance Christian-Islamic dialogue at all levels.

Couples in interdenominational marriages especially should be supported in experiencing ecumenism in their daily lives. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Charta Oecumenica — Wikipedia In this spirit, we adopt this charter as a common commitment to dialogue and co-operation. However, we are appalled to see chaeta resources being exploited without regard for their intrinsic value or consideration of their limits, and without regard for the well-being of future generations. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, oevumenica engage customers.

Eastern religions and new religious communities are spreading and also attracting the interest of many Christians. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. TOP Related Articles.


L’avant-projet de la «Charta Oecumenica» est achevé



Charta Oecumenica (U.Skambraks)



Charta Oecumenica



Charta Oecumenica


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