However, more pixels in the same amount of surface areas can sometimes result in decreased low light ability. The effective pixel count of the FS11 is tricky to explain because it changes depending on the shooting mode. All the Canon camcorders mentioned above have a new feature called Advanced Zoom, which plays with the pixels to boost zoom. We tested the video quality both in and out of the lab. Under these conditions, the Canon FS11 looked pretty good. The colors are intensely vivid, which can be offputting, but is the standard for consumer camcorders.

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Canon FS11 Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. This provides 1, x stills, and as this camcorder shoots standard definition at x , video requires less than the full resolution. The lens itself is only capable of 37x. Canon achieves the extra 8x factor by using a smaller area of the CCD. However, a digital zoom crops into the sensor to achieve its extra magnification, so dropping below the native video resolution. This is still more pixels than required for x video.

So while light sensitivity will be reduced, there should be no noticeable loss of detail. If you do like your video blocky, the FS11 also has a ridiculous x digital zoom available. It also has a slot for SDHC cards. You can record to either, and copy footage from the built-in memory to SDHC, although not the other way round.

Other than that, the three have the same features. A tiny camcorder like the FS11 will be almost exclusively aimed at point-and-shoot recording. But it still includes a few features for those who want to take a little more trouble over their video making.

The mic mini-jack is also underneath the LCD, so cabling could interfere with operating its controls. The Function menu also gives access to digital effects and the three shooting quality settings.

All other controls require a trip to the full menu, although you will rarely need to change anything here. Alternatively, you can choose Easy mode which turns off all user settings. In bright outdoor conditions, colour was reproduced faithfully enough, although the detail was a tad soft. However, in lower light there was a fair amount of grain visible, and this increased as the illumination decreased.

In a room lit by a single tungsten bulb, a lot of multi-coloured noise was evident. Verdict Canon has embraced Flash memory with gusto in the last couple of months. However, where the HF10 is a groundbreaking device, the FS11 is merely good in its class.

But where the latter will actually fit in a jacket pocket, the Canon FS11 is a little too portly. Trusted Score.


Canon FS11 Manuals & User Guides

Users can pay for Canon to re-configure the camera to shoot in 50i and 25f. Every two of the 48 fields are captured at precisely the same moment in time providing an image capture in camera without the need of any additional internal cooling devices for the CCDs. Much of the technology is being kept under wraps, and the manufacturer of the CCDs is being kept secret. A modification is available from a Canon Authorised Service Centre to make a single unit capable of both sets of systems, allowing users to switch "personality" through an on-screen menu selection. The kit lens includes an iris ring and a more sensitive zoom. The H1S and H1A also have a stronger headphone jack.


Canon FS11



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