No really. Change your life and make it happen. This is the kind of book you pick up from the Library as you can read it quickly and get everything you need from it in one sitting. But this book is not good. Full of pseudo-science nonsense. If you are going to try green smoothies then for equipment all you need is a regular blender - not the very expensive version the author tries to sell you by directing you to her website.

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First published in by Raw Family Publishing. Thirty days of green smoothies will change how you feel and how you feel about yourself.

Boutenko recommends we all start our day with - is in and of itself a tremendous injection of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants into the typical American diet. Boutenko, I recommend that you take Green for Life very seriously. I believe it can help you change your life. But Victoria, in turn, dedicates her book to Dr.

Ann Wigmore, the founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute HHI , whose clinic pioneered the use of wheatgrass juice for curing various ailments. For the benefits of the chlorophyll in wheatgrass, see, for example "Chlorophyll: Supporter of all human and animal life As to why greens are so important or what is the magic in them I have not yet received a definite answer, although many theories have been repeatedly offered.

What is certain, however, are the documented health benefits and testimonials, which are indisputable. In addition, drinking smoothies is far more doable than switching at once to an all-raw diet. At the same time I have discovered that people who incorporate blended greens into their daily meals naturally begin to eat more live foods.

Back in they suffered from various serious illnesses, including heart problems, arthritis , hyperthyroidism, asthma , diabetes and obesity. After healing, however, and approximately after seven years of being raw foodists, the Boutenko family stated feeling discontent of their diet.

Small health problems and indications of digestion problems started to appear. So after much research, many wrong turns and dead ends, Victoria decided to look at the diet of chimpanzees, as the animals genetically closest to humans. So Victoria experimented with eating large amounts of greens in salads and found that she was, in fact, physically incapable of doing that she would get heartburn or nausea.

Apparently cellulose, the main constituent of plants, has one of the strongest molecular structures on the planet. Greens possess more valuable nutrients than any other food group, but all these nutrients are stored inside the cells of the plants.

These cells are made of tough material, probably as a means of survival for the plant, to make it difficult for animals to eat. To release all the valuable nutrients from within the cells, the cell walls need to be ruptured, but breaking through these sturdy cells is not easy.

First I blended a bunch of kale with water. I was thinking, I will just close my eyes and drink it. But as soon as I opened the lid, I quickly closed it again because I felt queasy from the strong wheatgrass smell. That dark green, almost black, mixture was totally unconsumable. After some brainstorming, I added several bananas and blended again.

And that was when the magic began. The energy soup was originally invented by Dr. Ann Wigmore. But her children had at the time rebelled against the soup and she had stopped making it. I felt more energized than ever before and started sharing my experience with my family and friends. The next thing I noticed was that those cravings I had occasionally for heavy foods such as nuts and crackers, especially in the evenings, had totally disappeared. I noticed that many of the wrinkles on my face went away and I began to hear compliments from other people about my fresh look.

My nails became stronger, my vision sharpened, and I had a wonderful taste in my mouth, even upon waking in the morning [ I was consuming plenty of greens every day. I began to feel lighter and my energy increased. My tastes started to change. I discovered that my body was so starved for greens that for several weeks I lived almost entirely on green smoothies. Plain fruits and vegetables became much more desirable to me and my cravings for fatty foods declined dramatically.

I stopped consuming any kind of salt altogether. The dark-green weeds growing in abundance along our path looked so scrumptious.

I kept catching myself wanting to grab and eat them. I was eating differently lately. Instead of making myself a huge salad of several chopped vegetables, a large avocado, sea salt, lots of onion, and olive oil, I now chopped up a bunch of lettuce with a tomato, sprinkled it with a lemon juice, and enjoyed it tremendously, rolling my eyes and humming with pleasure.

I did not miss my former food and felt completely satisfied eating simply. I had learned for sure that the human body can learn to crave greens. I think the fact that Victoria was using a high-powered blender is key here. I remembered hearing that Vitamix and other high-powered blenders are able to crack cell walls and thus make much more of the nutrients available to humans.

Remember that Victoria recalls having trouble eating too many greens in salad form. And as soon as she found a way to make a palatable green smoothie in her Vitamix, she started getting results. This is not a sales prop for Vitamix but as soon as I can afford a Vitamix or an equivalent high-energy blender I will report whether it makes a difference on this site.

Thus, the easiest way to get the greens digested would seem to be by using a high-powered blender. Protein from Greens "According to the research of Julia Ross, a specialist in nutritional psychology, if your body lacks certain amino acids, you may develop strong symptoms of mental and physiological imbalance and severe cravings for unwanted substances.

For example, let us consider tyrosine and phenylalanine. The symptoms of a deficiency in these amino acids can cause: depression lack of focus and concentration lack of energy attention deficit disorder "In addition, the symptoms of a deficiency in these amino acids my lead to cravings for sweets, aspartame, caffeine, starch, alcohol, cocaine, chocolate, marijuana, tobacco.

Amino acids chain up to form proteins. In other words, if we maintain a variety of greens in our diet, we will cover all essential amino acids in abundance. However, let me explain the difference between the complex proteins found in meat, dairy, and fish, and the individual amino acids found in fruits, vegetables and especially greens.

It is clear that the body has to work a lot less when creating protein from the assortment of individual amino acids from greens rather than from the already-combined long molecules of protein that are assembled according to the foreign pattern of a totally different creature such as a cow or a chicken. More on: Thechinastudy. As Dr. In her lectures, author and teacher Tonya Zavasta shares a clever observation: It is a known fact that milk is rich in protein, but, she says, we never question how the milk becomes full of protein.

Do cows produce such large quantities of protein daily out of thin air? If you are still doubtful whether greens, together with nuts and seeds, can provide enough protein, and would like more direct evidence, see the vegan body builders and fitness experts at links below:.


Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko



Green for Life


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