Negor The setting range is a range of values between 0 ms and ms in 15 steps. If a fault switch-off occurs on a number of slaves, the manuual slave to transmit its emergency telegram is displayed on the system bus master. L1 L2 L3 1. The display of the digital input signals enables checking the various control signals and their connections with the software functions in question, in particular in commissioning. Parameter Adjustment is used for this purpose.

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Scaling The analog input signal is mapped to the freely configurable characteristic. Operation mode 0 -Off 41 -Abs. Bonfiglioli act Operating Instructions Manual pages bonfigliolli inverter. But now, the functions A and B are in frequency inverter 1 and function C in frequency inverter 2. To assemble the expansion module it can be simply plugged into the frequency inverters of the ACT device series. Page 17 Bonfihlioli connections: In this way, the operation behavior can be set for each PDO channel: Maintenance And Service After a fault has been acknowledged on the slave, the latter again transmits an emergency telegram with the data content zero.

Any use of damaged or destroyed components shall be considered as a non-compliance with the applicable standards.

This assignment can be altered by parameterization. Parallel shaft Gearmotors S Series If not, faulty measurements can result. Assignment of the inputs: The behavior can be parameterized for each PDO channel. Selecting The Destination Foreword To fully employ all functions of this AC Drive, bonfiylioli to ensure the safety for its users, please read through this operations manual in detail.

People mobility Escalators and moving walks. Handling And Installation The frequency inverter defined as a system bus master automatically generates the correct telegrams. Transport And Storage The Identifier must be clear in the system bus network.

Fectron manual also for: After Bus-OFF, the system bus in the frequency inverter is completely reinitialized. Each function provides its output data via a source. Error And Warning Behavior The frequency inverters are designed according to the requirements and limit values of product standard EN with an interference immunity factor EMI for operation in industrial applications.

There is a new boot-up message. The user is responsible for the number of bytes matching the type of data. Operation mode 0 -Off 4 -Quadruple evaluation — Quadruple evaluation inverted Quadruple evaluation -with reference impulse Quadruple evaluation -inverted with reference impulse 5. Page 53 Voltage Current Measurement The voltage and current measurement on the primary and secondary side of the inverter may be different due to instrumentation variations.

The characteristic points X1 and X2 are stated as percentages, as the analog input can be switched as a current or voltage input via switch S3. It can be used in the system bus master and in transmission via a TxPDO in the slaves for a defined shutdown.

Comply with the safety instructions. The telegram contains two data bytes. Sensible use is only possible if the Characteristic point X1 is in the positive range. Switchover is affected via parameter Actual Speed Source In this way, both frequency inverters have a joint source of reference values and are given reference values in the internal notation. Two-channel speed sensor with recognition of direction of rotation via track signals A and B; four signal edges are evaluated per division mark; the reference impulse is used for sensor monitoring.

Vectron syn10 s 03 Vectron syn10 s 03 af Vectron syn10 s 07 af Vectron syn10 s 09 af Vectron syn10 t 05 af Vectron syn10 t 07 af: Parameterization of this digital output permits a linking to a variety of functions. Related Articles.


Bonfiglioli Vectron Manuals

Page 7: Proper Use Proper use Warning! The frequency inverters are electrical drive components intended for in- stallation in industrial plant or machines. Page 8: Electrical Connection Electrical connection Warning! Before any assembly or connection work, de-energize the frequency in- verter.


Bonfiglioli Vectron Active 401-47 Manuals



BONFIGLIOLI Vectron Syn10 S220 01 AF Manuals & User Guides



BONFIGLIOLI Vectron Manuals & User Guides


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