Page 9 List of Figures Figure If you use different pin assignments, be sure to document the changes. Lightning Sensor Strike Test 6. Set the tilt table for 10 roll right. Page 22 Locate the labels on the bottom of the MFD. The MFD increases pilot situational awareness and enhances flight safety by providing supplementary navigation, traffic, terrain, airspace, weather, and approach chart information. Proceed to step L.

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EX Video EX Avidyne is committed to designing products that improve situational awareness and safety. And just as important, Avidyne is uniquely focused on developing products that are easy to use. With the FlightMax EX, Avidyne offers the most pilot-friendly multifunction displays available for general aviation. This design philosophy keeps operation simple and consistent by allowing you to select and display what you need on a single easy-to interpret integrated moving map.

As a radar display replacement, the EX provides easy access to radar modes, tilt control, and bearing adjust. And special-use airspace. And traffic. And terrain. And lightning. All without ever leaving the map page. The EX keeps you connected with the complete weather picture, allowing you to view datalink graphical weather information, seamlessly integrated with your flight plan moving map, lightning, traffic, and terrain display.

All special-use and class airspaces are color-keyed for added clarity, and can be displayed at the same time as NEXRAD or weather radar for a more complete picture. Full overlay capability allows you to add or remove traffic, lightning, and radar, with degree forward view and degree center view maps.

As a radar replacement, the FlightMax EX provides easy access to radar modes, tilt control, and bearing adjust. Without ever leaving the map page. The EX fits in a standard 6. The 4-knob version of the EX is designed to replace existing CRT-based radar indicators for any of 19 different radar systems.

A 2-knob version is also available for use in single-engine piston aircraft that do not carry an on-board weather radar. The extra knobs on the 4-knob system are dedicated to radar BRG and TILT control, making in much easier to operate than competing radar-capable displays. All other functions are identical between the two. Ultra-Bright, High-Resolution Display The EX features our industry-leading, high- resolution, active-matrix liquid-crystal display AMLCD , providing you with the brightest, most versatile big-screen moving map available.

With nearly three times as many pixels as previous-generation displays, and an incredibly wide viewing angle, the EX provides clear and concise navigation and weather information over an exceptional color-contoured terrain and water base map. Graphical METARs for all reporting airports are also listed, which can help you in determining an alternate airport in the event of inclement weather or an emergency situation.

Having the complete picture gives you the ability to avoid hazardous weather conditions and stay clear of restricted airspaces, saving you time and fuel. This provides aircraft owners with the unique capability to configure an aircraft with ground-based lightning detection, airborne lightning detection, or a combination of ground and airborne lightning detection ability. It is the primary observation code used in the United States for reporting surface meteorological data.

METAR reports include wind, visibility, runway visual range, present weather, sky condition, temperature, dew point, and altimeter setting. In the U. The EX MFD Map page with broadcast datalink weather, integrated onboard lightning detection and integration onboard color weather radar capability offers pilots a level of weather and airspace situational awareness that has never before been available in general aviation aircraft.

Audio content can be selected from anywhere in the aircraft using the RC70 wireless RF remote control. Why Upgrade to EX? Larger 5.


Avidyne EX500 Multi-Funtion Display



Avidyne EX500 Installation Manual


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