Gardazil Heating pump A heating pump in a heating installation is a centrifugal pump which conveys the heated heating water to the radiators and house service connection stations and at the same time feeds back the cooled water from the return pipes so that the boiler can heat it up again. Menu C2 Menus C1 to C15 are where the system-specific parameters, which only the heating engineer can set, are located. Room temperature control incorporates the room temperature into the calculation of the flow temperature. After a new access code has been entered, the standard code will no longer be displayed in Menu 8. If the mains voltage is more than V or less than V, functional impairment is possible.

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A plain text display facilitates operation for you and identifies menus and parameters clearly. You can check the system status in the graphic representations. Minimum temperature for solar circuit and solid fuel boiler The minimum temperature for each solar circuit or for the solid fuel boiler for hydraulic plans with solid fuel boilers can be set in the range You will need the VR 55 wall mounting box accessory, not included in kit.

For solar-assisted heating, the heat is stored in buffer cylinder, e. Incorrect polarity prevents communication via the eBUS and can result in a short circuit. Solar energy is used to heat up the solar cylinders e. To expand the central heating installation, up to auromaitc additional mixing circuit modules accessoryeach with two mixing circuits, can be connected. The owner will save energy and costs this way. This time is set in Menu C Material damage caused by inappropriate changes!

The Start time is marked. When thermostatic control is activated, the measured room temperature is shown in the second line of the display. Even so, in the event of inappropriate or non-intended use, impairment of the device and other material assets can arise.

The simplest and most reliable way is to reduce the room temperature by means of the controller with individually selectable timer programmes. Hand-over to the operator A few comments regarding this: It permits the adjustment of the method of operation and the target room temperature and takes account of the room temperature using the integrated room sensor if necessary.

Key 1 Screw 2 Housing auroamtic The housing cover comprises a single part. The controller enables an individual setting of the required switching hysteresis. For that reason a secondary return is laid parallel to the hot water pipe in installations with long pipe runs. All the connected system components, including the heat sources, are activated sequentially andautomatically detected.

Danger of slight personal injury Caution! Current gain performance Indicates the instantaneous intensity of the solar gain. Setting the service dates and access code Setting the night set back temperature, heating curve and hot water temperature cylinder target Set the night set back temperature, heating curve and hot water temperature in Menu 5.

Temperature fault detection With this function it is possible to detect faults regarding the setting or layout in a heating circuit. Factory setting for the timer programmes: Any error is shown in the second line.

They are used mainly as buffers to store the solar energy supplied by the collector. In addition, desired heating and set-back phases e. After an extended period without any operations, the display automatically reverts to the graphic display. Cylinder charging has priority over heating; the requirements of the heating circuits cannot be covered at this time.

If the difference is not more than 2 K and this criteria is met three times in a row, the pump is switched off for the set pump delay time and the mixer remains in the current position. Have your expert technician explain the initial operating steps to you. Off Temperature fault detection Seq control When cascading boilers, the drinking water cylinder in hydraulic plans can have a direct hydraulic connection with the priority switching valve or the charging pump of the boiler with the highest eBUS address.

Date Setting range Factory setting This is how to view the system-specific parameters: Material damage caused by improper installation! This parameter only appears if a cascade has been detected and the selected hydraulic plan allows separation switching. You set a unique bus address on the VR 32 using a rotary switch. Configuring the solar pumps You configure the solar pumps in this menu.

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