Dourr The limit for HEPA is In order to perform such a test, one must have available an aerosol generator that produces the desired size distribution aasme particles. If a control technology has poor safety, reliability, or control effectiveness as achieved in practice under the proposed process conditions, or the technology is not applicable to the emission unit under consideration, the technology may be eliminated with supporting documentation of the technical infeasibility. Concerns with possible carcinogenicity of the DOP has led some individuals and groups to use alternative materials such as nontoxic polyolefin oils. These are not aimed specifically at xsme of vacuum cleaners, but the principles and many of the recommendations are applicable. N technical staff needs to be properly trained in these concepts and methods, and their correct application to optimize your program.

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There will bbe no addenda issued to this edition. The Standards Commitee tat approve the code or standara was balanced to assure that indiduals fam Competent and concemed interests have had an opportunity to rariipate. The proposed code or standard was made anallable forpublc review and comment ha provides an opportunity fractional pubicinput rom industry, academia, regulatory agencies, and the publicat lage.

AL ight reserved Printed in US. Adsorber Bank inservice Leak Test System Bypass Tet Instrument Accuracy Requirements FOREWORD This Standard covers requirements for the field testing of ESF Engineered Safety Feature and other high-efficiency, ar-cleaning systems designed to ASME N for nuclear power plants and other nuclear applications This Standard provides a basis for the development of test programs and detailed acceptance and surveillance test procedures and specifies minimum requirements for the reporting of test results.

In , the N CONAGT was chartered to develop, review, maintain, and coordinate codes and standards for design, fabrication, installation, testing, and inspection of equipment for gas treatment for nuclear power plants. Vogan, Chair RR. Bans, Nucon international, M. Patel HU Cop. Consulting 1. Petersen, ashingion Group Intemational ne. Stas, Federal ition Aministaon RM. Krlshovih, Vista Engineering Tech W. Banks, Nucon international ne. Saws, Federal Aviation Administration. Tests should be performed in the sequence listed in Table 1.

Table 1 also lists the recommended minimum frequency for performing these tests. The user must specify which tests shall be performed, and the accept- lance criteria for those tests, in the test program. If no date is listed, then the issue of the referenced dacument in effect at the time of the purchase order shall apply. However, this Standard may be used for guidance fortes vencies of nonreactor faites 9 Frequency of vetying lop sels and taps shall be evaluated by the owner to ensue intgity at all ines.

Tests also io be perfarmed Immediately folowing Inadvertent exposure co solvent, pants, other organic fumes, or water intusion Adsorbents shall be tested before instalation or replacement to estabish efficiency. Samples for aboratry testing should be taken before the routine r-plae testing ofthe Installed system to vert the canton ofthe adsorbent. The hrrequrement may be modified based on laboratory test str. A list of the required in-service tests and the minimum perform- ance frequency of these tests are shown in Table 1 4.

In addition, this inspection may be used to verify that the system design and con- struction are in accordance with ASME N Apparatus Equipment Supplementary light providing adequate illumination of the surface to be inspected is required 5.

The leakage shall be determined using, either the pressure decay or constant pressure method 6. Wg In. Uniform air-aerosol mixing ensures that al areas of the bank are challenged during in-place testing.

These tests are normally performed during acceptance testing and are not required to be reperformed unless system modifications have been performed to invalidate previous testing or the injection point is being changed, 8.

Challenge aerosol or gasis injected through an injection port upstream of the bank. Challenge aerosol or gas Concentration readings are taken at equal cross-sectional areas in front of the HEPA filter or adsorber bank.

Each reading is compared with the average reading for the bank to qualify the injection point. The HEPA bank leak rate is determined from the ratio of the downstream to upstream concentrations, 9. A challenge gas eg.

R is injected into the air stream upstream of the adsorber bank through the qualified injection port or manifold. Concentrations are measured upstream and downstream of the bank.

The adsorber bank leak rate is determined from the ratio of down stream to upstream concentration, ASME N5i An acceptable substitute may be used. If the performance of sections 9 and 10 can be documented to challenge all potential leak paths, the system bypass test requirements are satisfied.

The testis then performed in the same manner as section 9 or For damper or valve testing, there are two equally appropriate methods, depending on the type of damper cr valve to be leak tested.

For low-leakage valves, a pressure decay test is usually the method of choice. For higher leakage devices a few tenths of a percent of rated flow or greater , a challenge aerosol or gas test may be more convenient. Ifa challenge aerosol or gas testis specified, only one damper at a time is to be tested. Simply mal, phone fax oF Ell us and an Infomation Cental represenctive wil handle your request.


asme n510 2007

Answers are the professional opinions of the expert ame to each question; they do not necessarily represent the position of the Health Physics Society. This workshop consists of more in-depth practice of particular sections of N than were covered in the NUCON Basic Course and assumes the attendee has a good understanding of these basic techniques. Most of our work is scheduled in advance but NUCON regularly responds to calls for next day or even same day service. Training, when combined with up-to-date equipment, will provide your staff with the necessary skills to implement cost-saving engineering techniques. You can also find a variety of other sources that discuss the process and recommendations regarding filter testing. In order to perform such a test, one must have available an aerosol generator that produces the desired size distribution of particles. Installations such as cleanrooms customarily use the scan test as an acceptance test.


In-Service Testing of Nuclear Air-Treatment, Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems

Dugor The BARCT demonstration includes the abatement technology and indication devices that demonstrate the effectiveness of the abatement technology from entry of radionuclides into the ventilated vapor space to release to the environment. The following standards and references are recommended as guidance only:. These measurements will confirm whether or not the HEPA filter s is performing according to specifications. Our comprehensive documentation allows our personnel to enter nuclear facilities with a minimum of delay or effort on the clients part. By blowing air through small nozzles into a reservoir of the oil or by using other means, such as thermal generation in which the heated oil recondenses to form small n10, the desired aerosols are generated. Include the impact of any resulting need for new services such as energy distribution systems. Site Contents Selected content listed in alphabetical order under each group.



Jumi Economic impact — Determine the incremental economic impact. QA and licensing personnel will enhance their knowledge regarding the requirements of Regulatory Guides and Standards, allowing them to more effectively discuss situations with regulatory personnel. You can find a variety of information on aerosol generators and aerosol counters for use in n testing by searching the Internet. Nuclear Onsite Testing Source: Call Isolation dampers are available with asmr standard manual actuator or optional electric or pneumatic actuators. The capability to detect and accurately locate pinhole leaks becomes imperative.

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