The Company provides advisory services to large number of retail as well as Institutional Investors and Traders. About our Principal Officer Mr. He was interviewed by Stocks and Commodities magazine as well. His second book " How to make money trading with charts" is also a best seller.

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Only in the financial year of — alone he had made over Rs 2. With around 11 transactions that were put through, and out of these 11, only two transactions had suffered losses. A small amount of about Rs 59, was lost in one of the transactions. Besides that, the profits made by him were quite high.

Rs 44 lakh was the highest amount of profit that Gujral had earned, with the amount coming from July Futures. Another huge amount of Rs 43 lakh and Rs 42 lakh were also profited in the months of December and August respectively.

The lowest profit was still around Rs 1. With such high profits, it is no wonder why people look up to him and buy his books to know more about the stock market. Later on, he went to Georgetown University, Washington D. With such amazing alma maters, it is no wonder that Gujral is one of the most renowned names in the stock market and financial world. Ashwani Gujral Career Since , Ashwani is into full-time trading of stocks and derivatives. He has his own website, ashwanigujral.

His job also includes analysis along with providing a newsletter and trading chatroom. He is also the author of three popular books on trading. He wrote two more books that came out it and The earlier one was about how a person can profit from trading with charts while the latter dealt with profits earned from the world of intraday trading.


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