Smith and Sons, a baby carriage and bicycle parts manufacturer. They began forming steel tubing from sheet metal to make bicycle frames. Smith Company. A year later in , A. Smith was incorporated in New York, and in , they began manufacturing bomb casings for World War I.

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Smith and Sons, a baby carriage and bicycle parts manufacturer. They began forming steel tubing from sheet metal to make bicycle frames. Smith Company. A year later in , A. Smith was incorporated in New York, and in , they began manufacturing bomb casings for World War I.

In , the company used the process of fusing glass to steel to make a large single-piece glass-lined brewery tank. Over the next 32 years, they made more than 11, glass-lined tanks. In , the company patented the glass-lined water heater. Three years later, they began mass-producing residential water heaters, but shifted all production to war-time use during World War II. In , the company acquired Sawyer Electric of Los Angeles, California, a manufacturer of electric motors. In , it once again began to produce bomb casings, as well as aircraft propellers , undercarriages , torpedoes , and air flasks.

By , the company had built 4. They also built nose frames for the B bomber, water heaters, jeep frames, and components for the atomic bomb project. In , they built a , square foot residential water heater plant in Kankakee, Illinois.

In , they entered the commercial water heater market after acquiring The Burkay Company of Toledo, Ohio. In , the company began producing Harvestore, a glass-fused-to-steel silo, targeted at dairy and livestock operations. In the s, A. Smith acquired Whirl-A-Way Motors of Dayton, Ohio , and consolidated its electric motor manufacturing operations there.

The motor division later introduced the hermetic motor, a critical component of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Its water heater division introduced the first glass-lined commercial water heater, the A. Smith Burkay B, and later the company established a glass fiber division to replace steel in many applications. It also expanded into supplying oil field pipe and pipe for service stations, eventually becoming Smith Fiberglass Products in In the early s, the company opened a commercial water heater and boiler plant in Stratford, Ontario , Canada.

In , the Motor division invented the enclosed canopy, two-compartment motor, a design that improved the reliability in pool pump motors by separating the switching components from the motor windings. In , fourth generation Smith family member, Lloyd B. Smith, was elected chairman and chief executive officer of the company. By , the company had produced its 10 millionth residential water heater, and by , the company had expanded to Europe.

In , the Conservationist line of residential water heaters was introduced. In , the Motor division opened a plant in Bray, Ireland , to supply hermetic motors. In , A. Smith began manufacturing storage tanks, beginning with Aquastore, a glass-fused-to-steel tank. In , it developed the first hermetic motor insulation system compatible with Ra non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. Smith to enter the bulk dry storage market. In , after 90 years in the automotive industry, A.

By the end of the decade, Water Products Company had bought out its joint venture partner in Asia, and had opened a plant in Nanjing, China. Smith made a number of acquisitions, by acquiring State Industries, Inc. In , the company entered the water purification industry with a new venture, A.

Smith opened a 76, square foot residential water heater manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India , which later expanded to sq ft operation with expansion to manufacture of water purification products. Smith sold its electric motor business to Regal-Beloit. On August 8, , A. O Smith was successfully sued by a Chicago area family because the company has refused to include a safety feature in their hot water heaters to prevent scalding deaths. Immediately after receiving the verdict, A.

Smith appealed the decision in the Supreme Court. Brands A. Smith operates under the following brand names around the world: A. Craftmaster Water Heaters. Products A.

Smith Corporation manufactures the following types of water heaters for residential uses: gas and propane, hybrid, electric, tankless, and solar. The company manufactures following types of water heaters for commercial uses: oil-fired, gas and electric, as well as boilers , storage tanks, and skid systems. They also provide the following accessories: pump tanks, and expansion tanks.

Smith is awarded as the most used and top quality brand among Water Heater brands by the Builder magazine. Smith Foundation The A. Smith Corporation has facilities. The support for the Foundation comes from the profits of A. Smith Corporation. See also.


A. O. Smith names Peter Martineau chief information officer

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