Деятельность[ править править код ] Хотя сама ANSI не разрабатывает стандарты, Институт осуществляет надзор за разработкой и использованием стандартов путем аккредитации процедур организаций, разрабатывающих стандарты. Аккредитация ANSI означает, что процедуры, используемые организациями, разрабатывающими стандарты, соответствуют требованиям Института в отношении открытости, сбалансированности, консенсуса и надлежащей правовой процедуры. ANSI также определяет конкретные стандарты как Американские национальные стандарты, или ANS, когда Институт определяет, что стандарты были разработаны в справедливой, доступной и отвечающей требованиям различных заинтересованных сторон среде. Стандарт для набора значений, используемых для представления символов в цифровых компьютерах. Большинство из них имеют фиксированную ширину, хотя некоторые символы для идеографических языков имеют переменную ширину.

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According to Adam Stanton, the first permanent secretary and head of staff in , AESC started as an ambitious program and little else. Staff for the first year consisted of one executive, Clifford B. In , the organization renamed ASA in became affiliated with the U. National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC , which had been formed in to develop electrical and electronics standards.

In total, the Institute represents the interests of more than , companies and organizations and 30 million professionals worldwide. ANSI also designates specific standards as American National Standards, or ANS, when the Institute determines that the standards were developed in an environment that is equitable, accessible and responsive to the requirements of various stakeholders.

The American National Standards process involves: consensus by a group that is open to representatives from all interested parties broad-based public review and comment on draft standards consideration of and response to comments incorporation of submitted changes that meet the same consensus requirements into a draft standard availability of an appeal by any participant alleging that these principles were not respected during the standards-development process.

The Institute is the official U. In many instances, U. NESCC is a joint initiative to identify and respond to the current need for standards in the nuclear industry. A standard for the set of values used to represent characters in digital computers. This standard is commonly used for shop glasses, shooting glasses, and many other examples of protective eyewear.

Through the ANSI-Citation partnership, 17, International Standards developed by more than 3, ISO technical bodies will be made available on the citation platform, arming subscribers with powerful search tools and collaboration, notification, and change-management functionality.

In , ANSI launched www. The site currently features content for China, India, and Korea, with additional countries and regions planned for future content.


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