Gajin Another of the examples of stylistic use recorded in the first part of the entry: If PUs are stable, it only follows that they are necessarily dead if they become obsolete. They will have finished painting the house by Monday. The famous artist is going to have been painting the mural for over six months by the time it is finished. In text, Angliyakaya often appear in their core use, that is, in their standard form and meaning. Английская грамматика по уровням The PU needs to be identified and its base form resurrected to serve as a background against which instantial use stands out as a unique contextual formation. I … to start writing my book two angligskaya ago.

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Употребите а Past Simple или б Present Perfect 1. Our group The film I … to start writing my book two years ago. I … to write half of it since. We … to witness great progress in space research this century. Определите, в правильном ли грамматическом времени употреблен глагол в соответствии с указателем времени. The city council is for some time now considering widening that street.

By this time next year, most students will leave school and return home. Up until now, no cure for cancer is found. It has been raining steadily since yesterday. Определите, в правильном ли грамматическом времени употреблен глагол. I get up at seven in the morning. Restaurants are staying open late in Spain. What are you thinking of Shakespeare? He cooks breakfast. What are you thinking about? Закончите следующие предложения, употребив каждый глагол дважды: один раз в Present Simple, а другой - в Present Continuous.

Could you tell me when it comes? Shall I get you something? What are you doing on your hands and knees? I have a lovely view from my room. Oh dear! Where are my glasses? Соедините следующие предложения, используя слова в скобках. The postman will call. Выберите правильное грамматическое время. I was putting up some book shelves in my bedroom.

I only left school a few months ago. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильное грамматическое время Past Simple or Past Continuons. Определите, в правильном ли грамматическом времени употреблены глаголы. The kitchen caught fire while we were having dinner. The sun shone so we decided to go for a walk. Alan read a newspaper when he heard a strange noise. She was knowing she was being followed. The boss walked in while I played a computer game. I was walking home from work when a dog attacked me.

What did you do when you saw someone trying to steal your car? Поставьте глагол в скобках в правильном времени. Вставьте одно из предложенных слов в каждое предложение. I have loved anyone as much as I love you. Have you met him? We have sold two hundred tickets and there is still a month to go before the concert.

I have visited New York. Have you thought of learning to fly? I have received my exam result. It came ten minutes ago. She needs it tomorrow. Someone must have taken it during the night. Закончите предложения, соединяя строчку из колонки А со строчкой из колонки В. Прочитано раз.

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