The storyline and characters are so cheesy! It was a fast read thought but not good enough for me. If she said most of the things she thought, I believe people would stop ostracizing her. Luckily, or not so luckily, everyone thought that she was kissing him so did Mattso she runs off mortified and is then greeted by Elias clothed. I really enjoyed this book!

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Anastasija Parker wants what any normal teenaged witch does. Which might not be such a problem but for the fact she has no magic. A man who happens to be vampire royalty, who wants Ana to join her vampire kin as their princess. While her mom and dad fight for her love and loyalty, two very attractive options pop up on her romantic radar.

Everything I love in YA fiction! Nikolai is a lead-singer and witch, while Elias is her sultry vampire guardian and neither will back down from protecting Ana. As she learns more about the other side of her heritage and some dark secrets about the one she was raised with Ana will have to decide where her loyalties lie. Paul and only Ana can appease the masses so she can get back to drama class. I loved this book. Loved, loved, loved it! Maybe not every reader out there will feel the same but let me tell you what made it work so well for me.

I also loved that instead of being set in one of the many popular locales popping up in urban fantasy these days this book is set in Minnesota. I enjoy a fresh and less glamorous or cliched setting once in a while and Hallaway clearly knows it well enough to make it interesting.

More than all of that though the actual magic in this series starter is excellent. I kept thinking how I wished I had thought of the concept. The originality and the symbiosis if you want to call it that between the witches and vampires is well thought and leaves lots of room for meatier plots in sequels.

If you love witch fiction I highly recommend you pick this one up. Overall I think this is a terrific start to a new series I will definitely be continuing to follow. Young adult readers who enjoy love triangles, vampires, witches and quirky characters will probably find this a very satisfying read. I was about to give up on the book but then her handsome father showed up, so I stuck with it.

I definitely do not LIKE the mother.. Edit So I finally finished the book and it was as I would imagined. The storyline and characters are so cheesy! Wish there was more growth instead of them becoming someone else entirely.. But with a half vampire instead. It was sweet with basic language, definitely suited for a younger YA audience.

TBH I never felt the passion for her and her love interests, and we find out at the ending that her love triangle never is concluded!!! It was very short, and needed more depth for me to like it. The plot line was a bit too cliche, and usually I love that, but there was nothing at all that kept me on my toes. If you need a quick paranormal romance read, check this out. It has the essentials: developed realm, well though out paranormal laws, and a freaking love triangle.


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