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Michael officiated today and we welcomed many guests, including a frequent viewer: For our 9 a. To pray with us at 11 a. Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the presence of his brothers; and the spirit of the LORD came mightily upon David from that day forward. Hughes — Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto, To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, because we have rebelled against him and have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God by following his laws which he set before us.

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To return to this page use the Back button on your browser. If the link opens in a new tab, close the tab to return to this page. Since she won the Democratic party nomination for the seat, she is very likely to win in November. If she wins, she will be the first transgender person to become a judge in Illinois.

The Chicago Tribune has a lengthy interview with her. The Chicago Law Bulletin reports that she does not have a Republican opponent. The bill is obviously aimed at transgender people. The bill now goes to Governor Brad Little for his signature or veto. This story can be found on CNN. Several other states have taken up such bills. Thanks to contributor Alyssa Washington for a link to this story.

The Idaho Statesman wonders if Governor Little will sign either of the bills. They point out that five former state Attorneys General signed a letter urging the Governor to veto the legislation. Meanwhile, The Idaho Press points out that a professor whose writings are mentioned three times in the bill says that the bill misuses her research and asks the Governor to veto the bill.

Ginny Millas Ginny Milas is a magistrate in Ohio who has come out as transgender, to a positive reception. She is now running for a seat as a family court judge. Thanks to Alyssa Washington for a link to this story. Devon Robinson has been convicted of killing three people, two gay men and one transgender woman, last May.

According to the prosecutor, he had sex with the transgender woman, left the party, and later returned to kill those who were still there. Pink News has this story from Detroit. Monica Diamond, a year-old transgender woman, was shot to death in the parking lot of a motel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks to reader Alyssa Washington for a link to this story.

She has been raped while in prison, according to documents provided to a court. The New York Daily News has this story. In Iowa, LGBTQ groups are suing because they say that a state policeman prevented transgender students from using the restrooms in accordance with their gender identities. This violates state law, which says that gender identity is a protected class for public accommodations.

She is profiled in Carson Now. While four federal lawsuits opposing the ban on transgender people in the military continue to wind their way through the courts, a fifth has been added. This one is specific to one person, a former officer who wishes to rejoin after having completed gender transition.

ABC News has an A. You can read about the reasoning for this change at The Bay Area Reporter online. You can read about this at The Advocate. New Jersey Law Journal has an article telling employers what to do to make transgender employees feel welcome. National Labor Relations Board workers have a union. The union has been attempting to negotiate a contract with the government, and appointees from the current administration have told the union that they will not respect the protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity which were part of the previous contract.

The Trump administration is also being sued over a rule which gives organizations such as Meals On Wheels and homeless shelters a religious exemption, allowing them to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Cami Richardson Cami Richardson is a transgender woman who has worked as a greeter at a ski resort in Park City, Utah, for the last three years.

She tells The Salt Lake Tribune that she hopes her work helps make others less afraid of interacting with transgender people. A high school student who is currently crushing on a transgender classmate wrote to Dear Abby because the transgender classmate is not ready for a relationship.

The state of Alaska tried to exclude transgender-related health care from its insurance for state employees, but Jennifer Fletcher took them to court. This week, she won. Hospitals are cancelling non-emergency medical procedures. This includes gender-confirmation surgery and also secondary surgeries, such as breast augmentation or mastectomy, as well as many procedures not related to gender identity.

While such is understandable during a time of epidemic, this sort of thing seems to happen a lot to transgender patients, as Vice reports. A new study found that the majority of transgender people knew that their gender was different by the age of seven.

A new study in The Lancet finds that transgender people who have ID documents in the gender that matches their identity are less likely to have mental health issues or suicidal thoughts. The fact that the two are found together does not indicate causality, and the causality could go either way. Having identity documents that match your lived gender might make you more mentally stable, or being more mentally stable might make you want to get identity documents that match your lived gender.

A blog at Scientific American attempts to dispel the myth that transgender people are a modern phenomenon. Cancernetwork suggests that transgender cancer patients may need help with survivorship, including a watch for depression. Snowflake Marvel has announced their first non-binary superhero. The gender-neutral clothing line TommyboyX has introduced a Trans Pride collection, and actor Theo Germaine was there to help the launch, according to The Advocate.

Pink News has this story. There is still a desire in the Scottish Parliament to deal with this, according to The National.

A report by the Independent Monitoring Board praised Eastwood Park Prison in Britain, but raised concerns about transgender female prisoners being kept in isolation so long. The BBC has this story.

Their online business is temporarily shut down as well. Pink News has a story about why the U. Lots of information, and just the ability to socialize with other transgender people made the Trans Festival an important event for transgender people. A non-binary refugee in a camp in Uganda was attacked for wearing a dress, according to Pink News.

In India, transgender people have trouble joining soccer teams. So, a soccer team specifically for transgender people has been set up. She The People has this story. Ben Hodges was Head Girl in high school, but is now a male college student. The Liverpool Echo has this story. Scott Morrison, a non-binary person, was fired from a job at the bookstore of Kennesaw State University in Georgia, for wearing lipstick.

Wearing lipstick is a violation of the employee rules for the college, but only for males. You can read about this story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is profiled by The Associated Press.

While some of them are specific to Britain, others are more general. Thanks to Alyssa Washington for a link to this article. If the former argument supports the post-puberty transition, the latter argument favors the pre-pubescent transition.

As you can see, this position is contradictory. Explaining this concept to adolescents, to say nothing of children, is impossible. However, children develop a rough idea of what gender is at a young age, and can feel for themselves if the gender assigned to them feels right or wrong. Indeed, just this week, a new study found that transgender people tend to feel that disconnect with the gender assigned to them by the time that they are seven.

That rough sense gets refined through adolescence. Yet, this article presumes that because the understanding is limited, it is worthless. That is rubbish. The author also completely avoids the fact that puberty creates indelible changes which make post-puberty transition far easier to detect. The claim that the concept of gender is difficult for adults to comprehend seems to imply that some adults do not comprehend gender properly, and that those who do not understand the concept of gender will judge others according to their incomplete understanding of the concept.

Mitchell came in second, not first. Ah, but if we disqualify the girl who came in first, then Ms. Mitchell wins. And how do we do that? By insisting that the girl who beat her is not a girl. However, they take the opportunity to make several wrongheaded statements about transgender people just before the pause goes into effect.

BTW, they pretend that they are aiming this at the Scottish National Parliament, which they say has not paused their efforts at reforming the Gender Recognition Act.

However, the Scottish National Parliament has made no new efforts on the matter since the outbreak, and in fact, news had already broken that the SNP would quietly push the matter to the back burner until the crisis is over.

Right Wing Watch has this story. Also, this guy does not seem to understand the World Wide Web very well. Reuters tells us that Drag Queen Story Time has already gone digital. Here is a story that has come around a few times, and is back again. It is interesting that the Gospels never tell us of Jesus getting angry with or talking harshly to anyone about gender identity or sexual orientation.

He did, however, complain about people pushing their earthly ideas onto God. And yet, the authors of this game seem to want to push their hatred onto God. Care to make a comment on this post?

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