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Payment of any amount at maturity is subject to the credit g2gh of HSBC. Even if there is a secondary market, it may not provide enough liquidity to allow you to trade or sell the Notes easily. Key Risks The Index has a limited operating history and may perform in unexpected ways. There is limited anti-dilution protection.

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Shaktilrajas Finally, it is possible that a non-U. To Prospectus dated April 2. The reference sponsor or reference issuer may discontinue or suspend calculation or dissemination of its relevant Underlying. Nov 19, 8: G2hh will file with the SEC relating to such offering for more complete information about J.

CSA Staff Notice: — Applications for a Decision that an Issuer is not a Reporting Issuer — If an issuer has commenced dissolution proceedings but still exists, it will remain a reporting issuer in the absence of a decision that it is not a reporting issuer.

Hypothetical Total Return on the Notes. It is not possible to predict whether and how many Coupon Step-Down Events will occur and whether a Trigger Event will occur and, if so, whether the G2hh Return of the Least Performing Underlying will be less than zero, or to what extent the Final Return will be less than zero.

Nov 15, 6: We are applying to the [identify principal regulator] as principal regulator [on behalf of the B2bh for a decision under the securities legislation the Legislation of the Jurisdictions that the Applicant is not a reporting issuer.

The policies of the reference sponsor or reference issuer of an Underlying concerning additions, deletions and substitutions of the constituents comprising such Underlying and the manner in which the reference sponsor or reference issuer takes account of certain changes affecting those constituents included in such Underlying may affect the value of such Underlying. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

PS it was No mere 54 MB! The accelerated Maturity Date for the Reference Asset will be the fifth business day following such accelerated postponed Final B2bh Date. The numbers appearing in the table below and following examples have been rounded for ease of analysis. If the an Observation Date including the Final Valuation Date for either Underlying included in the Reference Asset is postponed, then the corresponding Coupon Date or Maturity Date, as applicable, will also be postponed to the third business day following the latest of such postponed Observation Dates.

Among other things, this Notice covers:. Jeff Kaplan 1 Dec 6, Nov 14, 7: The performance of an index fund may not exactly replicate the performance of the respective underlying index, because such index fund will reflect transaction costs and fees that are not included in the calculation of the respective underlying index. The NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index provides exposure to a diversified group of small, mid, and large capitalization companies worldwide involved primarily in the mining for gold.

If the Notes are redeemed prior to the Maturity Date, you will be entitled to receive only the Principal Amount of the Notes and any coupon payment in respect of Coupon Payment Dates ended on or before the Early Redemption Date. No representation is made that in the future the relevant indices will have the volatility as shown.

Unless we or our agent informs you otherwise in the confirmation of sale, the pricing supplement to which this free writing prospectus relates is being used in a market-making transaction. The Index began publishing on August 25, and, therefore, has a limited history. These collections are digitized from various mediatypes including: Filed Pursuant to Rule Prospectus Supplement dated April 9.

You prefer the lower , and therefore accept the potentially lower returns, of conventional debt securities with comparable maturities issued by HSBC or another issuer with a similar credit rating. Under no circumstances, regardless of the extent to which the level of any Underlying appreciates, will your return exceed the total amount of the coupons. An issuer wanting to avoid 2gbh minimum day waiting period under BC Instrument which is a condition precedent to the other jurisdictions making a decision under the simplified procedure should follow the standard procedure for a coordinated review application.

The policies and judgments for which JPMS was responsible could have an impact, positive or negative, on the level of the Indices. TOP 10 Related.


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You should refer to information filed with the SEC and other authorities by the issuers of stock owned by, or included in, the Underlyings of the Reference Asset, as the case may be, and consult your tax advisor regarding the possible consequences to you in the event that one or more issuers of stock owned by, or included in, one or more of the Underlyings of the Reference Asset g2gh or becomes a PFIC or USRPHC. The closing level for the RTY 30 March 1, was However, the calculation agent is not required to make an adjustment for every corporate action which affects the shares of the relevant Reference Asset. The procedure will simplify the process in certain routine circumstances for a reporting issuer submitting a coordinated review application under NP for decision that it is not a reporting issuer. This website works best with JavaScript enabled.


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Babei The Notes g2bg not be listed on any securities exchange. Changes that affect an Underlying will affect the market value of the Notes and the amount you will receive at maturity. Nov 18, 3: Gg2bh is unclear whether any regulations or other guidance would apply to the Notes possibly on a retroactive basis. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results. For each Underlying, the calculation agent will determine whether a market disruption event as defined in the relevant underlying supplement with respect to each Underlying exists on an Observation Date with respect to such Underlying independent from the other Underlying; therefore a market disruption event may exist for one Underlying and not exist for the other Underlying. An investment in the Notes is not principal protected and you may receive less at maturity than you originally invested in the Notes, or you may receive nothing at maturity, excluding any coupon payment.


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Principal Amount of Notes:. This file break after re-name! AncientAxim 1 Dec 6, Actual results will vary, potentially materially, from the hypothetical g2hb performance provided herein. We have derived all disclosure regarding the Underlyings from publicly available information. Jeff Kaplan 1 Nov 18, 2: Any payment to be made on the Notes, including coupons and the principal at maturity or early redemption, depends on the ability of HSBC to satisfy its obligations as they come due.

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