Por tanto, traducida al castellano, significa poder del pueblo, es decir, que la democracia es un rgimen poltico donde el pueblo es el que manda. Asimismo, el autor hace una distincin entre las diversas interpretaciones que tuvo en la antigedad la palabra demos y en su posterior desarrollo con los romanos y en la Edad Media, convirtindose en populus, a travs de la cual se representaba al pueblo, como una parte del demos, la parte ms pobre y numerosa de la poblacin total. Para terminar, nos da dos nociones bsicas utilizadas en democracia: el principio de la mayora absoluta la mayora tiene todos los derechos y las minoras ninguno y el principio de la mayora relativa la mayora tiene derecho a mandar, pero respetando los derechos de la minora , apostillando que la doctrina afirma que la democracia debe inspirarse en el segundo de los principios. Me ha parecido interesante la primera leccin introductoria, pues no conoca el origen de la palabra democracia, que tanto estamos hartos de escuchar. Adems, me ha servido para tomar algunas nociones de historia clsica, que ayudan a entrar en el contexto del libro que recin empiezo a estudiar.

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Tull Can the Commission say how it verifies and monitors the compliance of all Member States with their obligation to establish multi-annual national programmes to monitor pesticide residues and the way in which they incorporate the Turkish hazelnut? Ten children have already been left paralysed but hundreds of thousands more are lq risk, both in Syria and in all of the neighbouring countries. The Commission is acutely aware of the severe difficulties that many borrowers, households or companies, face due to the tightening of credit conditions in the Spanish banking sector over recent years.

In zijn antwoord schrijft hij louter: Arbitrary behaviour on the part of the Troika. It ensures that oil and gas companies consistently take primary responsibility for demorcacia the risks they create by their operations in the Union and outside of the Union. The Commission will take all necessary steps to encourage Spain to comply within the shortest delay possible. Crescente numero di condanne a morte in Iraq. Inthe Commission recommended to Austria, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and Slovenia to put a stronger focus on prevention, in the context gikvanni long-term care.

Cases of this kind are apparently not that uncommon and every year an increasing number of children are born of such marriages. In addition, the Commission has been working together with Member States to simplify Eb Funds implementation thus allowing for a better targeting of expenditure and a greater emphasis on demoxracia. In Ceuta, where the sea is a popular entry point for migrants, there are plans to extend the breakwater to make access to the beach more difficult when trying to swim in.

What would be the expected sale price of the hazelnut on the Turkish domestic market if it was not in receipt of the abovementioned direct aid? This would not be accepted anywhere in the world. Air pollutants also cause acid rain, loss of biodiversity and damage to buildings and materials.

E sartorri il sistema di monitoraggio e controllo dei dati viene indicato come inefficace. A recent report by Amnesty International calls certain European oil companies into question, accusing them of falsifying documents about oil leaks in the Niger Delta. Miscalculation of milk quotas: The Commission is not aware that the European Court of Auditors has ever come to the conclusion that agricultural policy, including the corresponding funds, needs to be handed back to Member States.

Promoting a consistent and science-based approach to the risk assessment of chemical mixtures at a global level. Improving the range and quality of support and services available to older people through public interest trusts.

Wie kann — nach Ansicht der Kommission — der sozialen Akzeptanz von Kinderarbeit entgegengewirkt werden? The monitoring and control system is also reported to be ineffective, since the investigations are carried out by companies associated with those claiming to have been victims of theft and sabotage, not by independent organisations as legally required.

The European Union has been the biggest funder of rail infrastructure investments in Greece for decades, whilst it has no competence to finance maintenance of infrastructure.

Although exposure to external control is primarily a matter for Member States, the Commission has proposed issuing a Green Paper on the control of defence industrial capabilities to explore in greater detail potential benefits of taking action at an EU level in this area.

The Commission fully recognises the need to adopt a cross-cutting approach when addressing cybersecurity and tackling cybercrime.

Safety of endocrine-disrupting chemicals EDCs found in toiletries, when used in combination. The question refers to a newspaper article that summarises the fourth monitoring report by the European Commission, in liaison with the European Central Bank, of the financial assistance programme for the recapitalisation of financial institutions in Spain, which has been published mid-November Financial Assistance Programme for the Recapitalisation of Financial Institutions in Spain.

The Commission is well aware that child labour remains a pressing concern, and recognises that microcredit, if not managed properly, could contribute to its increase.

This over-financing to build new roads coincides with a massive increase in poverty and unemployment and should be used instead in sectors with the potential to create large numbers of sustainable jobs which pay enough to provide a decent standard of living. The Civil Guard also has two rapid response units at its disposal that are deployed to repel the assaults. Is it prepared to do this? Intergenerational cooperation between entrepreneurs. The Commission does not wish to comment on the position in the Financial Secrecy index of other individual Member States.

The EU is consistently calling on the Russian authorities to ensure that detention conditions including pre-trial detention and police custody are in conformity with European and International standards.

Planned EU study of groups at high risk of becoming victims of trafficking in human beings. Tevens blijkt dat de Commissie weinig kritisch is ten opzichte van haar eigen rol, de uitkomsten betreffende foutpercentages bagatelliseert, de meetmethoden van de Rekenkamer in twijfel trekt en veel aanbevelingen uit eerdere jaren niet of nauwelijks opvolgt. Is this not seemingly just a pious wish? The Annual Growth Survey COMwhich sets out the priorities of the current European Semester, recommends that the Member States reform their healthcare systems in order to guarantee their efficiency and sustainability and to ensure their effectiveness and adequacy in meeting the needs of the population.

How reasonable is the increase in financing? Will it really be any different this time? The European Commission concludes in its communication that this merger is compatible with the internal market because, according to its in-depth investigation, Olympic Air would be forced to exit the market in the near future due financial difficulties if not acquired by Aegean.

According to media reports, in Italy one in 20 children has to earn money to support his or her parents financially. The Commission encourages the Member States to work on both the internal and the external dimension of cybersecurity. What has been done to ensure that toys which contain dangerous chemicals have not been put on sale before that date in stores?



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