He was the son of Anusuya and Maharishi Atri. Lord Dattatreya is represented with three faces, one of Lord Brahma, the second of Lord Vishnu and the third of Lord Siva with six hands. The three in right hands hold a trident, a rosary and a lotus flower whereas the three left hands have s discuss, a conch and a water pot. The three heads from the same trunk signify the intimate unity of everything.

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Is it necessary to have a number of Gurus? Guru The eleventh skandha volume of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His Gurus and narrates what He learnt from them. From bad things one learns what defects to reject and from good things what good qualities to acquire.

For example I accumulated knowledge from the 24 Gurus enlisted below and converted it into an ocean. Then bathing in it, I cleansed all my sins. Just as the wind blows both in the hot and cold regions without being influenced by their qualities or defects so also those desirous of Liberation mumukshus should wholeheartedly tread along the path prescribed by the Vedas Shrutis in the hot and cold regions without paying attention to virtues or defects of others.

Just like water one should behave with affection towards all. One should never be partial to anyone. Just as water retains its impurity at its bed and cleanses others of their impurities so also should man renounce the impurities arising from attachment to the physical body, acquire the treasure of spiritual knowledge and cleanse people with vices, of their sins.

Just as water flows from a higher altitude uprooting impudent trees, nurturing humble vegetation on its way to the low lying land so also liberated souls should destroy the vain and wealthy, punish the hypocrite evildoers and redeem those who surrender to them, of their sins.

Man is akin to water which becomes impure by stagnation and gets purified as it flows. Hence men with a spiritual attitude should visit various places of pilgrimages tirthakshetras instead of living in one place. Like fire, man should undertake austerities and get illumined with knowledge. He should partake of whatever is available, refrain from bad deeds and utilise his virtues only at the opportune moment for a worthwhile cause. When on a pilgrimage, etc.

Always remaining pure like the fire one should behave with equality towards all. Fire delivers the oblations to the deities made in it amidst chanting of their respective Names.

In order to realise the transient nature of the body the flame of fire is considered as a Guru. Just as hardly any time is required to kindle and extinguish a flame so also creation and dissolution of a body from the five cosmic elements does not take long.

Though there is waxing and waning of the moon, it remains unaffected by them. Similarly, the soul is not affected by changes in the body. In the same way man should store useful things and make them available to all living organisms impartially, considering the time, place and the prevalent conditions. Thus a seeker desirous of Liberation mumukshu should be mentally detached from all this.

It is content with whatever food it gets and has no preferences about the quantity, taste, etc. It does not feel threatened if no food is available for sometime and inspite of having the strength does not make use of it.

Similarly those desirous of the Final Liberation should partake of whatever little is available reposing faith in destiny and at times if nothing is available then they should become introverted and remain engrossed in meditating on the soul. During monsoons just as the sea is neither pleased if the rivers bring in plenty of water nor is displeased if they do not, and consequently does not swell or shrink, so also man should remain steadfast to his duties and should neither feel elated if he experiences worldly pleasures nor unhappy if he is faced with tragedy.

He should always remain immersed in Bliss. However one should always utilise them favourably, for the sake of others. It neither eats it itself nor lets others feast upon it. Finally all of a sudden the honey collector kills it and takes away the hive along with the honey. In the same way the miser who accumulates wealth with relentless efforts finally either becomes unhappy when it is suddenly lost in the fire, stolen by thieves or taken away by the king or when unrighteous progeny is born to him which misuses it or if he dies issueless.

Thus after his death the wealth either remains where it is or is acquired by someone unrelated to him. If at the time of death he still has attachment for that wealth then he harasses the one who enjoys it in the form of a spirit or a serpent. Thus learning that accumulation of wealth leads to sudden death like the honey bee, one should stop amassing wealth.

The honey collector: Just as the one who collects the honey acquires it effortlessly so also a male seeker should partake of food cooked in the home of a householder instead of spending time in making a fire, collecting utensils, firewood, etc. Such seekers desirous of Liberation partake of food from householders and ultimately uplift them.

Infatuated by the cow elephant the elephant craves for sexual pleasure and runs towards that wooden cow elephant with speed and falls in the pit. Thus it is easily made a captive by man.

Similarly man lured by sensuous pleasure is instantly entrapped in bondage. Men allured by adulterous women are destroyed in the same way as elephants overcome with lust die fighting amongst themselves. At that time if a bumble-bee is seated on it, then it gets trapped in the flower. Thus realising that attachment to object pleasure gives rise to bondage, one should refrain from such attachment.

Just as the bumble-bee savours the fragrance of several sunflowers instead of one so also seekers desirous of Liberation should realise that every science will not be easy to grasp and hence should try to understand their implied meaning.

Keeping this in mind one should not get entrapped in any kind of attachment. Thus it loses its life. Man too is trapped in satisfying his taste buds and thus continues to suffer in the whirlpool of births and deaths. As she restlessly waited pacing up and down, hoping for a client she was finally bored and suddenly developed detachment.

As long as man has desire he cannot sleep peacefully. The one who sacrifices desire is unaffected by unhappiness. This flock began following it wherever it went.

Finally exhausted it dropped the fish. Just then an eagle caught the fish. No sooner had the eagle caught the fish than all the crows and eagles began chasing it. The lapwing however calmly perched itself on the branch of a tree. In this world there is peace only if sense objects are rejected, otherwise it leads to great distress.

The more the bangles the greater is the sound. Similarly when two persons live together it leads to conversation and when many persons live together there is strife. In both circumstances there is no peace of mind. Hence those doing meditation, yoga, etc.

Just like this artisan a seeker desirous of Liberation mumukshu should meditate surrendering all his sense organs to The Lord. They move around cautiously never making any sound. They neither move around freely, criticise without reason nor get angry unless injured by someone. Thus two intellectuals should not move around together, should speak limitedly, should not quarrel with one another or ridicule anyone, should act thoughtfully, should not address a gathering and should spend their lives living anywhere instead of building a house for themselves.

By building a house one develops vanity and consequently attachment develops. When it feels like it, it swallows the entire web and becomes free again. Similarly God creates the world when He wishes and indulges in various kinds of play in it. When He feels like it, with a resolve He destroys it and becomes single again. Just as a spider can weave a web with its fluid repeatedly so also can God create the universe by a mere resolve, dissolve it within Himself and recreate it at His will.

Hence one should not attach importance to worldly events. The wasp builds a house from mud and keeps a worm in it. It lightly blows air over the worm time and again. Consequently the worm meditates on the wasp and finally also becomes a wasp. A seeker desirous of Liberation should in the same manner meditate on God as advised by the Guru so that he merges into God. These trees remain dependent on others and cleanse themselves of the sins committed in their previous births by pleasantly serving others till they die.

That is why they happily offer shelter to birds and other creatures. They also protect their refugees by bearing the brunt of the cold, wind, heat, etc.

Men break, cut, saw, peel, uproot them, rob them of their flowers, fruits, leaves and even their gum. They are debarked, cut, scraped and used as timber, firewood, etc. Just as the species of trees endures the suffering inflicted by people on them and continues to serve them till they live so also seekers desirous of Liberation should endure all suffering and continue to serve others till they die. Just as trees offer shelter to travellers, householders should offer meals to guests coming to their doorstep and give them shelter.

If by chance one acquires wealth then one should not become insolent. Just as trees blossoming with flowers and fruits bow down and serve others more so also if one becomes wealthy one should humbly render more service to others. The mountains The mountains and the earth store precious stones, etc. As a result man is benefitted tremendously. Every man should acquire knowledge likewise and use it favourably. Just as in summer mountains quench the thirst of man with their springs so also one should develop the habit of talking melodiously so as to make others happy.

Datta had several such subordinate Gurus. Publisher : Smt. Supriya S. Navachaitanya Publishers, , Shanivar Peth, Pune Only one Guru is enough for God-Realisation, whereas, in order to perceive unity of the soul principle in various animate and inanimate objects, it is essential to have various qualities as Gurus. Datta: O King Yadu, you will wonder why it is necessary to have so many Gurus when only one Guru is sufficient for Self-realisation. Is this not akin to the behaviour of an adulterous woman?

The answer to this is that to attain Self-realisation only one Guru is sufficient. If any doubts regarding His preaching are generated then they should be clarified. To be able to perceive unity of the soul principle in all animate and inanimate creation, I imbibed the qualities from these objects as my Gurus.

Thus, the spiritual knowledge that My Guru imparted me with was strengthened by choosing these various qualities as Gurus.


Dattatreya: A Great Guru to have 24 Gurus (INSPIRING)

Steadfastly productive, does its dharma, gets abused, heals and is steady in giving nourishment. Passes through everything and everyone, unchanged, unattached, like Truth; sometimes becomes a gale, disturbs and changes the world, like Truth. Sky the highest has no boundaries, no limits, is unaffected even if clouds and thunderstorms come and go the highest within oneself, the Atman self, soul has no limits, it is undifferentiated non-dual no matter what, let the clouds of materiality pass, be one with your soul and the Universal Self 4. Water serves all without pride, discrimination; is transparent to everyone; purifies and gives life to everyone it touches a saint discriminates against no one and is never arrogant, lets other give him impurity, yet he always remains pure and cleanses 5. Fire purifies and reforms everything it comes in contact with, its energy shapes things the heat of knowledge reforms everything it comes in contact with, to shape oneself one needs the energy of learning 6. Bumblebee active, works hard to build and create its reserve by directly visiting the flowers, but is selective and uses discretion, harmonious with flowers and never kills or over consumes be active, go directly to the sources of knowledge, seek wisdom from all sources but choose the nectar, be gentle, live harmoniously and leave others or other ideologies alone when you must Ocean lucid at the surface, but deep and undisturbed within; receives numerous rivers yet remains the same let rivers of sensory input not bother who you are deep inside, know your depths, seek self-knowledge, be unperturbed by life, equipoise


24 Gurus Of Dattatreya - 24 Gurus Of Nature

Lord Dattatreya was born of Rishi Atri and Anausya. Lord Dattatreya considered as guru of environmental education, gained enlightenment by his observation from surrounding, which provided him 24 gurus. These gurus explain the problems of mundane attachments, and teach the path towards the spiritual self-realization of the Supreme. Lord Dattatreya is imaged with three faces, six hands and single body. The three faces represented the Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Each pair of hands carries two of the symbols of the three deities. A cow standing behind in the image represents the Mother Earth.

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